Jerry Lawler Confronted Michael Cole About Embarrassing On Air Comments

It's well known to many WWE fans that chairman Vince McMahon tells the announcers what to say during their broadcasts. But it's not always easy having the boss tell you or your coworkers what to say on the headset.

Just ask legendary commentator Jerry 'The King' Lawler. He recently appeared on J.R.'s The Ross Report podcast and shared a somewhat embarrassing story regarding McMahon, Michael Cole, and himself.

After Lawler fell victim to a bodyslam from Mark Henry, Cole claimed that King was suffering from "anal bleeding." Lawler said this was the most embarrassing thing McMahon "told Ross or Cole to say." Here is his full story about the incident.

"And it was the time Mark Henry picked me up, and I don't know if I was wrestling Mark or what happened, but anyway, he picked me up and slammed me through the announce table and they carried me out or whatever. And then, after the break, he said, 'we want to give you an update on 'The King'. He's not doing too well' and then he says, 'he's suffering from anal bleeding.' So that's when I went to Cole afterward and said, 'what the hell are you doing.' He said, 'I swear, Vince told me to say it.'"


This incident Lawler discussed took place on the Sept. 26, 2011, episode of Monday Night Raw. Cole made the announcement, and Booker T appeared completely baffled at the "anal bleeding remarks."

It's rather surprising to hear about Vince approving of this, considering that 2011 was around the time where WWE slowly started transitioning the PG Era.

But given some of the crazy ideas McMahon has come up with (Hornswoggle being his son, the Katie Vick storyline, etc.), nobody should be surprised that he thought "anal bleeding" would be funny.

Unfortunately, McMahon didn't seem to take Lawler's feelings into account, as The King was clearly embarrassed by Cole's words.

Luckily for Lawler, he hasn't been used in any matches or fighting segments in a while, so he hasn't been referred to as a man suffering from "anal bleeding" for some time now. We're sure he's happy as long as it stays that way.


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Jerry Lawler Confronted Michael Cole About Embarrassing On Air Comments