Jerry Lawler to Co-Host First Post PPV Talking Smack

Jerry Lawler has announced that he will be a part of this weekend's Battleground Kick Off Show panel as well as Talking Smack following the pay-per-view.

Last week saw WWE rather unceremoniously cancel their post-SmackDown Live talk show, Talking Smack. It gave Superstars an opportunity to express themselves without the confines of a script, and reportedly, that's exactly what Vince McMahon didn't like about the show. The Renee Young hosted half an hour will still take place after pay-per-views, however, but perhaps not with the same familiar faces that we've been used to behind the desk.

While Young will return to host the show on Sunday night following  Battleground, it will not be Daniel Bryan or Shane McMahon by her side. Instead, Memphis legend and WWE Hall of Famer Jerry 'The King' Lawler will partner Young as they talk to some of the night's winner and losers. Lawler will also take up his semi-regular slot on the kickoff show panel before the show, also with Young.

Lawler revealed the news that he would be a part of the Battleground festivities via his Twitter account. A fan asked "The King" if he was still a part of WWE, and Lawler responded with 'yes, of course'. He then went on and revealed that he would be hosting the shows prior to and after Sunday's show before ending the tweet with a plug for the WWE Network.

There are plenty of rumors circulating as to why WWE chose to restrict Talking Smack to just a post pay-per-view show instead of its regular weekly slot, but no official statement from the company. It seemed to happen rather suddenly with the show's host Young claiming that she discovered the news of Talking Smack's cancellation after it broke on social media instead of being told by WWE.


Young and Daniel Bryan seemed to have such good chemistry as the regular co-hosts of Talking Smack, and it's anyone's guess as to why WWE decided to cut it from their regularly scheduled programming. As much as most fans love and respect Lawler, many would love to see Bryan back in that position sometime soon.

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