5 Funniest Quotes From Jerry Lawler's Career (& 5 Cringiest)

WWE Hall of Famer Jerry "The King" Lawler had a storied career inside the ring spanning over multiple promotions throughout the years. Though he didn't have a successful in-ring career in the WWE, he reached his full potential as a color commentator.

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His chemistry with his hall of fame colleague Jim Ross was one of the key highlights for the WWE during the Invasion storyline. While some of Lawler's quotes went on to become comedic hits, some became controversial, landing him in serious hot water with backstage officials. With that in mind, let's take a look at five funniest quotes from Jerry Lawler's career & five cringiest.

10 Cringy - Why Jake "The Snake" Roberts Doesn't Drink & Drive?

Jerry Lawler began a feud with Jake “The Snake” Roberts, leading to a match between the two at SummerSlam 1996. During their rivalry, Lawler brought Roberts’ real-life struggle with alcohol problems into the play.

During the feud, he quoted “The only reason Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts doesn’t drink and drive anymore is because he is afraid he might hit a bump and spill his drink”.

Though taking a dig at their opponents was a common thing among the superstars on those times, Lawler crossed the line by making fun of a person’s struggles with overcoming an addiction.

9 Funny - Quotes about ECW

Lawler became heavily involved in the working relationship between WWE & ECW in 1997, during the time he began to berate Paul Heyman's promotion during his commentary which became one of the key factors behind ECW's invasion of WWE later that year.

He would refer to ECW as "Extremely Crappy Wrestling" and once quoted "This Bingo Hall (ECW Arena) should be built out of toilet paper because there's nothing in it but s**t,"

Lawler's funny remarks about the promotion made the perfect impact offending the hardcore ECW fans, and it helped WWE a lot in booking the Invasion angle in 2001.

8 Cringy - Cody Rhodes Eats Dogmeat!

"Let me tell ya what kind of a rotten kid Cody Rhodes was. When he was eight years old, he told his mom he wanted a dog for Christmas...she said no, you'll have turkey like everybody else."

Jerry Lawler uttered the above-mentioned quote about Cody Rhodes to describe the second generation superstar's heelish antics. While Cody wrestled as a heel for the majority of his WWE career, the quote didn't make him look like a major villain but just portrayed him as bizarre.

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Maybe that could be one of the reasons behind Vince McMahon giving the bizarre Stardust gimmick to Cody which eventually led to his exit.

7 Funny - Who Created More Tragedies Than Shakespeare?

Lawler started a feud with Bret Hart and the rest of the Hart family from 1993 to 1995, which started when Lawler confronted Bret after the latter won the 1993 King of the Ring tournament. The confrontation led to a series of matches between the two over the right to be called the undisputed king of the WWE.

During the feud, Lawler started berating Bret Hart's entire family which also included this quote when he said, "You remember Stu and Helen; they created more tragedies than Shakespeare," taking a dig at Stu & Helen Hart's 12 children.

6 Cringy - Making Fun of Helen Hart's Age

While we can consider the last quote as funny, there's no denying that Jerry Lawler crossed the line with this one. The King is known for making jokes about personal problems & appearances of other people, and he took a shot at Bret Hart's mother Helen Hart when he said: "Helen Hart is the only person I know with an autographed copy of the Bible."

There's always a limit in making fun of people's personal problems & age, and Jerry Lawler's comments about Helen Hart's age remains one of the cringiest things he has ever said in his career.

5 Funny- When Does Rikishi Stop Eating?

Rikishi is one of the biggest superstars to have ever stepped inside a WWE ring, and Jerry Lawler never failed to emphasize this fact whenever he got to call the matches of the big Samoan. The fans will never forget Lawler's reactions when Rikishi performs the stink face on his opponents.

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The King never forgets to put over Rikishi's size advantage over his opponents, and on one occasion, he had some choice words to convey the message to the fans when he said, "Most people stop eating when they get full. Rikishi stops eating when he is tired."

4 Cringy - When He Took a Dig At Jim Ross Not Having A Son

Jerry Lawler’s son Brian Christopher became one of the prominent players in the WWE’s newly introduced Light Heavyweight division, and during his run, WWE created an angle where both Jerry & Brian would deny their family relationship.

Lawler’s broadcast colleague Jim Ross became a victim of the King’s humor when he questioned him about his relationship with Brian Christopher during one show.

Lawler responded by asking that if Christopher was JR’s son. JR replied that he has only two daughters only before Lawler would quote “Not packing enough chromosomes, huh? I’m sorry Ross!”

3 Funny - Love Thy Neighbour...But?

The King never held back his enthusiasm whenever he had the opportunity to express his views on love & relationships. His comments about women may have made people cringe for the most part, but there are a few instances where he made people laugh as well.

Take this, for example, to get a clear view of the wittier side of the King. "There is an old adage: love thy neighbor, but don't get caught." It's uncertain if Lawler reflects the quote on his personal life but looking at the fact that he's been married & divorced thrice does cause some suspicion.

2 Cringy - Puppies!

As mentioned above, Jerry Lawler has a very fine choice when it comes to women and does not hold back from expressing his feelings. Though he is taking it easy during his commentary on these days owing to the PG nature of the WWE, the King was all guns blazing during the attitude era.

One of the cringiest things that he has ever said during his WWE career is the comments about the female chest. Lawler would yell "Puppies!" or at certain female superstars whenever they made their way out to the ring.

It might've gone well with the attitude era fans, but with the ongoing women's revolution and after witnessing women main eventing WrestleMania, it's unlikely we will ever hear this phrase come out from the King ever again.

1 Funny - Making Fun Of Vickie Guerrero's Weight

Jerry Lawler & Vickie Guerrero never see eye to eye and for good reason, as the latter was always a victim of some fat-shaming by the former. You guys would remember the time when John Cena & Lawler took turns in making jokes about Vickie Guerrero's size, but this specific instance happened on the December 13, 2010, episode of Raw.

The King & Vickie came out to announce the Holy %&@*# move of the year award, and after Vickie took a shot at Lawler for losing his WWE title match against The Miz, the King took the liberty to bring Vickie's weight into the conversation. When Vickie Guerrero said she had lost a considerable amount of weight, Lawler gazed at her rear end, and said "You've lost weight? Look around I'll think you'll find it! "

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