Jerry Lawler Shares Hulk Hogan's Manscaping Secrets

It turns out that WWE legend Hulk Hogan is an expert in manscaping. In other words, he's an expert in shaving the hair on his body.

Jerry “The King” Lawler was a guest on a recent episode of  The Ross Report and he said that Hogan taught him how to shave the hair on his body.

During the show, Lawler started talking about the menu at his Memphis-based bar and grill. This led Jim Ross to ask him why there are so many photos of him looking sweaty and nasty.

That’s a good question, given the fact that people have to try and keep their appetites after looking at those photos as they skim over the food that his restaurant has to offer.

That’s when Lawler started talking about his manscaping. The quotes below are thanks to Wrestling Inc.

“I was never into ‘manscaping’, or even worry about grooming your chest hairs, or shaving your back, or anything, or even shaving under your arms, or anything like that until, and it’s so funny, until I got around Hulk Hogan.”

“He had one of those long shoehorns and he had like a twin-blade razor taped to the bottom of it. And I’m thinking, ‘what the hell is that?’ And then, all of a sudden, he goes over to the mirror and he turns around. He’s shaving his back with this razor taped to this long shoehorn! And so, I said, ‘well, I’ll be damned! I think that might work!’ So that’s when I first started to get rid of a little bit of the rug I was wearing on my body.”


I have to admit, as a kid, I was always impressed with how shiny and clean Hogan looked while showing off his muscles. He definitely wouldn't have looked as intimidating with a bunch of hair all over his chest and arms.


Lawler also made it sound like John Cena is also very proud of his almost hairless body.

“John Cena prides himself on the fact that there’s not another hair on his entire body other than the hair on his head.”

Come to think of it, it only makes sense for pro wrestlers to shave their bodies.

Being a pro wrestler for a company like WWE is not only about how you perform in the ring, but how you look to the fans as well. It's all about your image. I would think the expectation is that you should look almost perfect. Like a physical specimen.


Can you imagine The Rock with hair on his body?  It wouldn't have been a good look for him and his image. He wouldn't have been as intimating without a clean shaven body.

You would think that WWE would make wrestlers shave their body hair just so they'll look better for their supporters.  For all we know, they do. It would be a smart thing mandate in a wrestler's contract.

Comment below and give us your thoughts on Lawler's comments. Also would you manscape in order to help your wrestling career?

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