Jerry Lawler Thinks Undertaker Has More Matches In Him

During a recent episode on Jerry "The King" Lawler's podcast, Dinner With The King, Lawler was asked about how things went when he hung out with The Undertaker during Survivor Series.

Lawler said that the 52 year-old Undertaker looks good and that even though he's said that Undertaker is done as a wrestler, he now believes he could get back into the ring.

Lawler also said that while he was watching Survivor Series with Undertaker and Kane, John Cena walked past them and admired all three wrestling greats. Here are some quotes from Reddit:

I think he might have looked too good. I think when you get when you hang around or you show up and you look that good, they in the WWE, they're ready for you to come back. You know, closer to the time after WrestleMania and I think I said that I believe we've seen the last of Undertaker in the ring. Now, I’m going to I'm going to go back on my word. Just looking at him the other night, I think there are some more matches left in the Undertaker.

So there's a TV and monitor to watch the show. There were three seats. Three chairs in front of the monitor and I was sitting in the one on the left-hand side and in the middle now, to my right, sitting next to me, was Undertaker. And to his right sitting next to him was Kane.

We were all just sitting here watching the show talking about old times and stuff, and all of a sudden, the door happened to be open. All of a sudden, we saw John Cena. He went past the door and glanced in, and then he just went past. Suddenly we saw him backing up, he just backed up, and he looked in at the three of us sitting there - and he said, ‘that's pretty cool.’ And he just walked on.

As much as everyone would love to see the Undertaker back in the ring, he is 52 years-old and I'm not sure how much more of a beating he can take, no matter how good he looks.

The Undertaker did appear at WrestleMania 33 and Royal Rumble this year, but I don't see him doing more than one big event in 2018. At this point in his career, The Undertaker is a sporadic wrestler that can't overexert himself.


There isn't much else for The Undertaker to prove at this point in his career. He'll go down as one of the all-time greats after obtaining a WWE title 15 times during his storied 27-year career with the company. Of course it all comes down to whether or not he's ready to stop getting in the ring. As we've seen over the years, most wrestlers never want to stop as they're addicted to the sport.

Like a lot of current and former WWE wrestlers, The Undertaker has made appearances in movies as well as television shows. So he could attempt to make a career out of being an actor.

The Undertaker appeared in the movie Suburban Commando in 1991. He also made an appearance on Poltergeist: The Legacy and Celebrity Deathmatch. Then in 2002, The Undertaker made an appearance on a Canadian sports show Off the Record with Michael Landsberg.

Feel free to comment below and tell us how many matches you think we'll see Undertaker wrestle in over the course of the next year.

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