Jerry Lawler Shoots On The Night Of His Heart Attack

Every wrestling fan remembers when Jerry "The King" Lawler collapsed at the announcer's table during a Monday Night Raw show on Sept. 12, 2012, in Montreal.

During Lawler's hospital stay, it was determined that he had had a heart attack that for some reason made him go into cardiac arrest. The good news is that CT scans showed that he didn't suffer any brain damage.

During Thursday's Dinner with the King podcast, co-host Glenn Moore brought up the fact that there are some conspiracists who believe that Lawler didn't really go into cardiac arrest and that it as all a part of a WWE storyline.

Lawler admits he doesn't remember what happened and that he doesn't have any lasting effects from the incident. The good thing is that he admitted that it could have been a part of a script and that he sometimes thinks it was a hoax because he doesn't feel any ill effects.

"To me, it's like it didn't really happen. It's like I didn't have anything because I've had no after effects, no ill effects. You know, I had no damage or anything to my heart. I can't remember the actual incident itself, so to me, it's like it didn't happen," said Lawler.

Lawler says that he has gone back and watched the footage from that night. He said that it was amazing to watch himself lying on the ground in such bad shape and to now be healthy.

Lawler also praised Michael Cole for keeping calm and being able to continue on and do the rest of the show by himself. Moore then said he was genuinely worried about Lawler when he was watching Raw that night since they were friends and he had known him for a couple of years at that point.


Dr. Michael Sampson was the man who helped saved Lawler's life that night and says it was pure luck that he happened to be sitting next to him. He believes that the blows that Lawler took to the chest earlier in the night when he faced off against Dolph Ziggler may have thrown off the rhythm of his heart, which could have caused the cardiac arrest.

While Lawler isn't mad at Ziggler, he did admit that the elbows were the hardest he felt in 46 years.

Of course, we are all glad that Lawler is now fine and healthy and that he doesn't have any negative effects from the entire incident.

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