Jerry Lawler Speaks Out On His Arrest

Earlier today, Jerry The King Lawler and his fiancée Lauryn McBride were arrested on charges of domestic violence. Lawler was subsequently suspended indefinitely by the WWE. Lawler and McBride have since been released from jail and will be arraigned Monday morning in Memphis.

WMC5 Action News interviewed Lawler via telephone from his jail cell earlier today. He discussed the incident, stating the argument started when McBride returned home from a friend's house intoxicated.

“We got into a little bit of a shouting match and then she wanted to leave,” Lawler said. “I was not going to let her leave in the car, because she was just not in any condition to drive. She got more and more upset, she called 9-1-1 and scratched my face in the process. The police came in and said that this was a domestic dispute and that they were ‘going to have to take both of you guys downtown’."

Lawler said nobody was hurt in the dispute. "It's just something that happened as a result of drinking too much," Lawler said.

Lawler also denied reports that he had hit McBride in the head. All he would confirm was that he had an unloaded gun, and McBride was threatening to kill herself. He said that she got the gun and she threw it to him.

You can listen to Lawler's full interview with WMC5 Action News here.

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Jerry Lawler Speaks Out On His Arrest