Jerry Lawler Had A Stroke Three Weeks Before WrestleMania

Jerry Lawler may have been at WrestleMania calling the Andre the Giant battle royal but just weeks earlier he suffered from a stroke.

Although Jerry Lawler no longer has a weekly presence on WWE programming he is still very much a part of the WWE family. The King makes appearances on kick off show panels very frequently and also comes back to commentate on special occasions such as the Royal Rumble and the Andre the Giant memorial battle royal.

In fact Lawler played a big role over the WrestleMania weekend that has just passed us by. He called the action during the battle royal as mentioned above and also filled his regular slot as the host of the Hall Of Fame ceremony on the Friday night. Even though he's 68 years old that's not all that impressive until you hear what had happened to him less than three weeks prior.

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King recently revealed on his podcast Dinner With The King that on March 21st he suffered a stroke and ended up in intensive care. The WWE Hall Of Famer explained that he and his partner Lauryn McBride were 'expressing love for each other in a certain way' when he got up and realized that he couldn't speak. McBride then told him to go look in the mirror and he saw that the right side of his face was drooping.

Upon arrival at the hospital doctors discovered that the stroke had been caused by a haemorrhage in Lawler's brain and the commentator was placed in ICU. Despite not being able to speak for two days after the incident King returned to WWE during WrestleMania weekend after making a full recovery and nobody watching was any the wiser. Pretty impressive considering the circumstances.


Despite staying away from drink and drugs for his entire life Lawler has encountered a couple of pretty serious health scares in his later life. In 2012 King suffered a cardiac arrest live on Raw and had he not been in the building and hence so close to a litany of medical personnel then he likely would not have survived. Clearly he's a fighter though and has an incredible ability to bounce back from even the worst ailments.

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