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Jim Cornette earned his reputation as a legendary manager due to his talking skills. The promos of Cornette made him a hated figure as a tremendous heel. Cornette always cut promos that made sure both he and the wrestlers he represented would get the desired reaction from the audience. The recent years have seen Cornette start another chapter of his career as a podcaster.

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Cornette dropped memorable quotes that always made him stand out. They range from savage insults to his enemies, to promo lines mocking opponents, to just generally funny comments. We will look at all the quotes that make Cornette such a polarizing figure in wrestling today. Find out why he is considered an all-time great talker. These are the top ten quotes of Jim Cornette’s career.

10 "I started this low-carb, low-sugar diet because I refuse to be outlived by Vince Russo."

The rivalry between Jim Cornette and Vince Russo featured the two constantly going at each other’s throats. Cornette is the more vocal one, always having harsh words for Russo with zero interest of ever making peace.

This quote showed off Cornette’s legitimate desire to outlive Russo. The comedic element of him joking about changing his diet to make it happen was enough to make everyone laugh. Russo and Cornette will never see eye to eye due to their differences in opinion about life and wrestling.

9 "I can beat anyone, either male, female, animal, vegetable, or mineral."

The heel personality of Jim Cornette often saw him getting arrogant about his ability to outmatch anyone put in front of him. This quote was the one that stood out most when boasting about his skills being stronger than everyone else out there.

Cornette knew how to push the buttons of the audience and make them want to root against him. Quotes like this show just how over the top Cornette was during his heel moments. Any face working against his wrestlers had an easy job gaining support.

8 "Eventually, even a blind squirrel will find an acorn."

This is a common quote today, but Jim Cornette was one of the first people to use it in a wrestling capacity. The insults of Cornette would see him attempting to demean his enemies and opponents in a comedic fashion.

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When one of the rivals would find success or get one over on him, Cornette would naturally take a shot at them by attempting to discredit the win. This quote featured Cornette saying anyone can get a win once in a while, but it doesn’t mean it matters in the long run.

7 "If it was raining soup, he’d be outside with a fork."

The funny one-liners of Jim Cornette in his prime featured him attempting to make fun of the others. Cornette would rack his brain to come up with the funniest jokes that both made the audience laugh and showed his dislike for another personality.

This quote featured Cornette questioning the intelligence of another performer. The visual of someone holding a fork trying to get some soup raining from the sky makes it a funny quote. Cornette’s words always were his biggest weapon to run down others.

6 "The grass is always greener on the other side, unless Vince Russo has been there in which case the grass is most likely dead."

Another amazing quote from Jim Cornette featured him going after Vince Russo with a savage insult. The belief of Cornette is that Russo played a role in the downfall of both WCW and TNA as someone with no long-term vision for the creative element of wrestling.

Russo’s capabilities were questioned when Cornette made a quote about the grass being green. Cornette claimed that the grass wouldn’t even be alive on the other side if Russo was the one having to keep it going. There could be a list dedicated solely to Cornette clowning Russo.

5 "I like to take advantage of the simple-minded because I can."

The evergreen insults of Jim Cornette could be used against any wrestler or fan that he had issues with. Cornette viewed all his rivals as being intellectually inferior to him. It was part of his gimmick to believe he was always the smartest man in the room.

Cornette loved bending the rules and getting any extra advantage that he could find. The comment here featured him saying he could take advantage of his simple-minded rivals and that he loved doing it without any apologies.

4 "Rick Steiner is so stupid, it takes him an hour and a half to watch 60 Minutes."

The rivalry against Rick Steiner would see Jim Cornette constantly question his intelligence. Steiner was outstanding in the ring, but the barking tactics could lead to many wondering just how smart he was compared to his peers.

Cornette used that to come up with quite a few one-liners mocking Steiner. The television series 60 Minutes was extremely popular at the time, allowing Cornette to make a relevant joke. Cornette claimed it took Steiner extra time to get through the sixty-minute show in a comedic fashion.

3 "I got this bad allergy - I'm allergic to BS."

Jim Cornette always speaks with conviction in both his scripted promos and genuine feelings. The one thing that bothers him more than anything is when others try to get one over on him with lies or manipulative tactics.

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Cornette went after Vince Russo, Kevin Dunn, Paul Heyman, and many others for playing politics and hiding behind facades. Cornette believes that he couldn’t handle BS, which led to many people in the wrestling industry upsetting him.

2 "Hulk Hogan may be a household name, but so is garbage, and like garbage, it starts to stink after a while."

WWE realized that Jim Cornette’s tirades were quite entertaining backstage and could be utilized on television. Cornette was given a weekly segment to deliver his honest thoughts on the wrestling business ripping apart people in both WWE and WCW.

Hulk Hogan was arguably the biggest name in the industry for WCW, but his matches lacked big time. Cornette dropped this quote when discussing a disappointing match in WCW between Hogan and Roddy Piper. The line was highly entertaining for WWE fans that preferred Raw over the product on Nitro, especially Hogan.

1 "The saddest moment in a child's life is not when he learns that Santa Claus isn't real, it's when he learns that Vince Russo is."

Vince Russo is one person that Jim Cornette will never stop talking about. The podcast of Cornette features him dissing Russo every time someone references him. This stood out as one of the cleverest and funniest comments from Cornette.

The line would see him go into his bag of tricks to reference Santa Claus. Cornette claimed that the reality of someone as inept as Russo being real is worse than realizing a beautiful illusion like Santa Claus being fake to a kid. Only Cornette could come up with something as amusing or funny as this quote.

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