10 Things Jim Cornette Hates About Modern Wrestling

Jim Cornette is known for his rants about modern wrestling today as much for his legendary wrestling career that peaked in the '80s and '90s. The respect for Cornette is still there for most since he was an all-time great manager with contributions to various aspects of the wrestling industry. However, recent years have seen Cornette spending all his time ranting about the current talent due to things he disagrees with.

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We will look at the common complaints from Cornette about things that he believes are hurting the wrestling business. Many would say that the industry has passed him by as Cornette only works for the NWA YouTube series with bitter endings with most other promotions. Find out just what upsets him enough to go on his tirades as these are ten things Jim Cornette hates about modern wrestling.

10 Comedy Wrestlers

The comedic style of wrestling is quite polarizing, as some fans love it while others think it’s the worst. Jim Cornette has always had a problem with wrestlers as he believes “funny doesn’t draw money.” Colt Cabana, Santino, and Joey Ryan have been a few wrestlers criticized by Cornette for years.

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The new hot act to get on Cornette’s bad side is Orange Cassidy. Fans have fallen in love with his lackadaisical gimmick in AEW with the live audiences eating it up and clips going viral on social media. Cornette is not a fan as he rants about Orange on his podcast quite often.

9 Non-traditional wrestling gear

Kevin Owens was one of the main enemies of Jim Cornette in Ring of Honor. Despite being among the most popular stars in ROH history, Owens had a short stint sent home as Cornette didn’t believe he was a valuable part of the company’s future.

Cornette had a few gripes about Owens with his wrestling gear being one of them. Owens always felt more comfortable wrestling in a t-shirt and basketball shorts. Cornette has admitted that Owens’ talent did help him succeed in WWE, but he still doesn’t think KO looks professional.

8 Undersized wrestlers

Jim Cornette was one of the personalities leading the charge against Marko Stunt for wrestling on AEW television for the first. Stunt is among the smallest performers in the entire industry and even looks younger due to his babyface visual.

Cornette believes a wrestler that small putting up a competitive fight against his peers exposes the business and destroys the credibility of the industry. Stunt and other smaller wrestlers continue to move forward in the industry as things have changed drastically from the '80s.

7 Scripted promos

Scripted promos are something most people in wrestling would agree with Jim Cornette about. Cornette is among the biggest critics of the WWE system for how they overly script their segments. Wrestlers typically must study promos to read word for word before saying it on live television.

Cornette’s belief is that talents should have the creative freedom to deliver the promo intent in their own words. This is a popular thought as talents like Steve Austin, Ric Flair, and The Rock became great promos by saying things in their own voice rather than forcing it.

6 Wrestlers that don't sell

The faster style of wrestling today leads to wrestlers spending less time selling their pain from the opposing wrestler’s moves. Jim Cornette is arguably the loudest voice when it comes to complaining about this change in wrestling.

Older eras would see wrestlers spending most of the match selling with the exciting offense being a rarity. Cornette is not fond of wrestlers using the excuse of adrenaline to come back from devastating moves to continue wrestling without the proper time selling it.

5 Intergender wrestling

Another hot topic in the wrestling community is the style of intergender wrestlers. Many promotions like to tell the man vs woman story. Impact is even making it a huge part of their future with Tessa Blanchard in the World Championship picture.

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Jim Cornette is like many other old school personalities that strongly dislike the intergender style. Wrestlers like Joey Ryan and Priscilla Kelly have been called out for their matches and tactics. Cornette will likely pick apart any intergender match he comes across.

4 Backstage employees from other worlds

Jim Cornette started to develop a dislike for the changes in the wrestling world when Vince Russo joined the WWE writing staff. WWE continued to hire more writers from backgrounds outside of wrestling with most having zero wrestling experience at all.

The belief of Cornette is that a writer must have at least some experience in the industry before getting a role essentially controlling the entire show. Most of Cornette’s opinions are met with a mixed reaction, but a decent percentage of fans agree with him here.

3 Lack of rest holds

Rest holds used to be the majority of a wrestling match as one talent would use a headlock or another variation to take control. The long rest hold time would allow the wrestler in charge to continue dictating the pace while the other performer tried to rally a comeback.

Fans started to grow tired of this trope in the '90s as rest holds would get met with “Boring” chants. Some talents like Randy Orton and The Revival still use it to their advantage, but Jim Cornette thinks it’s a lost art since most avoid it at all costs.

2 High spots

The wrestling industry has seen the new generation of talent push the envelope to new heights. One huge change from the '80s is that talents now love using the top rope for high spots. The dazzling moves show off the athleticism of stars like Ricochet and Will Ospreay.

Jim Cornette is one of the critics that claim the talent today relies on high spots way too often. The belief of Cornette is that the top rope should only be used a handful of times per show. Most of the wrestlers would disagree today since high spots are now a huge part of the card.

1 Hardcore wrestling

You can’t call out Jim Cornette for many things, but you can’t accuse him of not being consistent with his gripes. Cornette has been ranting about hardcore wrestling from the '90s during the rise of ECW to the current era with death matches.

Wrestlers that specialize in hardcore matches like Joey Janela, Sami Callihan, and Jimmy Havoc are often criticized by Cornette on his podcast for their matches. Cornette believes the hardcore style is “garbage wrestling” for those that lack the talent to have a good match without weapons.

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