Jim Cornette Says Kenny Omega Can't Be Respected As A Wrestler, Gets A Response

The always outspoken Jim Cornette has spoken out once again on Kenny Omega, claiming that he will never be respected as a wrestler.

Jim Cornette is never one to mince his words. If he doesn't like something or someone, he'll let you and everybody else know about it, and in the age of social media, that's an even easier feat for Cornette to successfully accomplish. While Cornette's number one target is normally ex WWE, WCW and TNA writer Vince Russo (though a recent restraining order might put that grudge on hold), this week he has returned his focus to another old favorite of his, Kenny Omega.

Cornette has very little love for Omega. The host of The Jim Cornette Experience dislikes what the New Japan Pro Wrestling star has done when it comes to new and innovative things in the business. The two targets that Cornette refers back to when it comes to slating Omega and his career are the Canadian star's two exhibition matches, one against a blow-up doll and another that featured a nine-year-old girl as his opponent.

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Cornette's latest Twitter tirade (which is a little too profanity-laden to post in this article) focuses more on the latter match against the small girl. In his initial tweet, Cornette actually tagged Kenny and claimed that "if he wants to be respected as a wrestler, too f*ckin' late." After the tweet was sent, it Cornette argued with many of Omega's fans, but the New Japan start was tagged in the tweet and decided to respond.

"I like you, Jim, but if you want to bury me, please don't tag me in it. We just started the G1 and I can't have this polluting my TL. Thanks," wrote Omega.


Cornette's views on Omega often get a lot of backlash from fans on Twitter due to the sheer popularity of the current IWGP United States Heavyweight Champion. Many fans view his ability to stage a match between a small girl or an inanimate object and make it entertaining a great talent. Cornette, on the other hand, sees it as effectively making a mockery of the business, and that exhibition matches like those expose pro-wrestling even more than it already has been in the present day.

As you scroll through the replies on Twitter, it'll become apparent that most take the side of Omega in this particular social media beef. Both sides of the argument have merit though. Omega is clearly a talented wrestler, and it's hard to argue that he isn't the best performer outside of WWE right now. However, his exhibition matches are not for everyone. It's likely the way that Cornette approaches the topic that gets him so much backlash on Twitter, but in all fairness, that's probably exactly what he wants.

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