Jim Cornette Shoots On Mick Foley Taking Joey Ryan Signature Move

Wrestling is known to push the boundaries of good taste. There was the time Vince McMahon discovered Hornswoggle was his illegitimate son, or when Triple H sexually abused a corpse. It was odd, to say the least when Mae Young gave birth to a plastic hand. To many, the ideas were silly and humorous, but most wondered what the WWE was thinking and why they would choose to write such distasteful ideas into their programming.

Today, the WWE is a PG product and stories like this would be few and far between. That said, wrestlers and gimmicks usually reserved for the Attitude Era are definitely still alive and kicking in wrestling today. Recently, independent wrestler Joey Ryan has garnered similar attention.

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Joey Ryan is not a household name in wrestling. Currently working on the independent circuit, he's appeared in such places as Lucha Underground, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (PWG), NWA Championship Wrestling from Hollywood, and he's a former NWA World Tag Team Champion with Karl Anderson. He also wrestles for Over The Top Wrestling. If you know Ryan, you know his gimmick is based upon a unique skillset — that being the strength of his penis.

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Recently Mick Foley got in on the action. In a special appearance at an Over The Top Wrestling show, Foley attempted to use Mr. Socko on Ryan, who blocked it with his "test of strength" move. Ryan eventually flipped Foley over in victory and got on the mic to make comments about the sheer strength of Ryan's"member" calling him the true King of Dong Style. Like gimmicks that divided the fanbase before it, not everyone was impressed with Mick Foley's willingness to get involved.

A fan sent the video to Jim Cornette (who is not a fan of Ryan) and asked what he thought about Mick Foley working with him. Cornette was shocked Foley would stoop to such a low level.

Foley has never been shy about getting involved in ideas he finds entertaining but not always mainstream. He made good money in the WWE for pulling a sock puppet out of his oft sweaty pants and sticking it down his opponent's throat. Such behavior is not exactly the five-star match quality Jim Cornette would like to see if he was in control of all wrestling content.


Foley is the kind of wrestler who likes to entertain. Cornette believes that there is a certain level of class and dignity that needs to be restored to wrestling in general. Perhaps there is a little room for both in the industry, even if these two are on opposite sides of the spectrum.

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