5 Wrestlers Jim Cornette Loves (& 5 That He Hates)

Jim Cornette has always been a highly controversial figure in the world of wrestling due to his outspoken personality. There has never been a time where Cornette wants to stay silent about his opinions in the world of professional wrestling. Cornette achieved his greatest success on-screen as a manager for quite a few different talents performers. The behind the scenes roles in various companies also had him booking and contributing to creative meetings.

Recent years have seen Cornette become a bigger pundit with shoot interviews, podcasts and social media posts stating his opinion. Wrestlers to grow the ire of Cornette have become involved in online feuds with him due to how often he speaks about them. There are still a few talents out there that Cornette admires and respects. We will break down both sides with five wrestlers Jim Cornette loves along with five that he hates.

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10 Loves: The Revival

The Revival tag team is among the rare acts in wrestling today that Jim Cornette enjoys. Most of the WWE commentary and reaction from Cornette features him ripping apart the show and talent. Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder happen to work an old-school style that he loves.

The matches against DIY and American Alpha in NXT won over Cornette enough to call them the best tag team in the world. Cornette has even expressed interest on his podcast to manage them one day. That is unlikely to happen due to the ugly relationship between Cornette and WWE.

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9 Hates: Kenny Omega

The success of Kenny Omega in New Japan and now All Elite Wrestling has helped him become a top tier name in the industry. Many pundits have declared Omega the best wrestler in the world, but Jim Cornette is one of the people that is most adamant against that.

Cornette holds a grudge against Omega for some of his comedy matches in Japan. Omega wrestled matches against a blow-up doll and a child at different points for the comedy promotion DDT. Cornette has made things personal with insults and threats towards Omega for disrespecting the industry.

8 Loves: Cesaro

Cesaro has been a Jim Cornette favorite since long before he joined the WWE. The run of Cesaro as Claudio Castagnoli on the independent circuit saw him get a huge push with tag team partner Chris Hero in the Kings of Wrestling tag team under Cornette’s booking in Ring of Honor.

Cornette had a handful of favorites like Cesaro, Hero, Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards. It made sense given the tremendous look and even better in-ring skills from Cesaro. ROH could never push him in a singles role under Cornette as he signed with WWE shortly into the run.

7 Hates: Priscilla Kelly

Most of the independent wrestlers to get success with viral videos for outside of the box ideas have felt the wrath of Jim Cornette. Priscilla Kelly was next after her viral moments of having matches involving her using a tampon as a prop or throwing up on her opponent.

Cornette feels that wrestlers like Kelly have been the reason for the wrestling business losing credibility in the public eye. The harsh commentary from Cornette saw him go after Kelly aggressive with the insulting tweets. Priscilla has made it clear she doesn’t plan to change her wrestling style for Cornette or anyone else.

6 Loves: MJF

The AEW roster is not Jim Cornette’s cup of tea given how much he hates most of the wrestlers at the top of the card. MJF is the rare exception to this rule as Cornette often praises the young heel any time he watches and reviews an AEW show for his podcast.

Cornette loves that MJF is among the few wrestlers in the industry today that loves getting legitimate heel heat by often crossing the line. MJF does have the same vibe Cornette had as a personality that loved getting the hatred from the audience.

5 Hates: Santino

Santino is a well-noted enemy of Jim Cornette going back to a controversial moment in WWE developmental. Cornette was one of the people in charge of the young wrestlers trying to improve enough to get called up to the main roster.

WWE had a lot of stock in Santino as a future star for the company. Cornette however didn’t see that and got into a violent altercation with Santino. The incident saw Cornette slap him and get fired for striking a talent. They still have tension today with Cornette and Santino recently getting into a verbal argument at a convention all these years later.

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4 Loves: The Rock

Jim Cornette was among the first supporters of The Rock during the start of his wrestling career. Rock had all the tools to become a major star and Cornette claims that he often talked him up in creative meetings with Vince McMahon and the rest of the team.

The love has been returned throughout the years as Rock recently compliment Cornette and his new NWA show on social media. Cornette jokingly offered Rock tickets and the option to sneak his guests backstage for the next television taping of the YouTube show.

3 Hates: Sami Callihan

The rise of Sami Callihan as a top name in Impact Wrestling has seen him gain criticism from Jim Cornette for his wrestling style. Callihan injuring one of Cornette’s favorites Eddie Edwards with a bat in Impact led to Cornette trashing him publicly for weeks.

The two worked together for a short time in MLW when Cornette was a commentator there. Callihan claimed he spit in Cornette’s face during an angle and waited for Cornette to respond. Nothing happened as Cornette claimed he tried to be professional during the heated moment.

2 Loves: Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins was among the top favorites of Jim Cornette when Cornette received a position of power in Ring of Honor. The look, talent and potential of Rollins all played a huge role in Cornette viewing him as one of the next major stars in the industry which turned out to be accurate.

Rollins has revealed that he almost left ROH for a deal in TNA instead of WWE. Cornette was the one that used his connections to get him a developmental offer in WWE as he felt Rollins would waste his career in TNA. Rollins still credits Cornette for helping him get to the top in wrestling.

1 Hates: Kevin Owens

The Ring of Honor tenure of Jim Cornette earned him as many enemies as it did give him new favorites. Kevin Owens was a target of Cornette for not having the ideal look and presentation of a wrestler. Cornette felt he looked and acted too unprofessional to receive a push.

Owens was removed from ROH following a loser leaves town stipulation. Cornette reportedly told Owens he would be back in weeks, but the time away lasted months as Owens went without an income. The two clashed for many years as Cornette still goes out of his way to insult Owens’ WWE work today when he feels necessary.

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