Jim Duggan's Wife Reveals HOFer Is Doing Well Following Emergency Surgeries

Fans were concerned yesterday when news broke that Jim Duggan had been hospitalized. His wife has now revealed more details regarding the situation.

In 2018, it felt as if we received bad news about another wrestler passing every single day. There was even a 24 hour period during which we lost three wrestlers. Brian Christopher, Brickhouse Brown, and Nikolai Volkoff. That's why whenever we see that a wrestler is trending, or if someone is posting a message on their behalf, we panic.

Yesterday, news broke that 'Hacksaw' Jim Duggan had been hospitalized. Considering it has been less than a year since Duggan's last health scare, and six months since he underwent heart surgery, fans who heard the news were naturally pretty worried. When his wife posted to the Hall of Famer's Instagram account later in the day, those worries very briefly intensified.

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Thankfully, Debra Duggan had taken over her husband's social media for good reason. To reveal that the first-ever Royal Rumble winner was doing well following surgery. Two surgeries, in fact. "He had a severe infection but we think we got all of it although he will be in the hospital for a few more days," Debra wrote on Instagram. She also shared a photo of Duggan who appears to be in good spirits.

As strange as this might sound, news that it was an infection which hospitalized Duggan is actually good news when you consider the alternative. As mentioned above, Hacksaw was rushed to the ICU late last year. On that occasion, it was due to heart problems. Problems he would require surgery for a few months later. This weekend's situation would have been even more worrying had it been caused by those heart issues returning.

All that's left to do now is wish Duggan a speedy recovery. His wife has explained that he will need to remain in hospital for a few days while he recovers, but thanks to the two surgeries, he should be in the clear. Fingers crossed he'll be back with his trusty 2x4 in hand in no time. Maybe we'll even see him on Raw or SmackDown whenever they next invite a bunch of legends back.

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