Jim Ross Almost Called Last Weekend's GFW Slammiversary

Jim Ross reveals that he was in talks with Impact Wrestling to call play by play for last weekend's 15th annual Slammiversary.

Legendary announcer and Hall of Famer Jim Ross made a welcome return to the WWE fold for the main event of WrestleMania 33 earlier this year. There is no voice more recognizable in the pro wrestling business than that of good old JR. Well it turns out Impact Wrestling, now Global Force Wrestling as of this past weekend, let the opportunity to have Jim Ross call their biggest show of the year slip through their fingers.

Yes this past Sunday Slammiversary could have had JR at the helm of the announce table. The veteran commentator revealed last week that he was in negotiations with Impact Wrestling to come in for one night only and call the action on the company's biggest night of the year. Jeff Jarrett and co were probably left kicking themselves as they were beaten to the punch by the company they hate the most, WWE. According to Ross negotiations were actually under way when WWE approached him to call the match between Roman Reigns and The Undertaker, an opportunity he understandably jumped at.


Jim revealed on his podcast The Ross Report, one of the many things keeping the New Japan announcer busy at the moment, that he was in negotiations with Impact Wrestling. Not only that but he also admitted that had contractual reasons not gotten in the way, as in his commitment to WWE, then he would have been more than happy to step in for the evening and lead the announcing.

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Jim Ross returned to WWE at WrestleMania 33 and signed a two year contract with the company that made his voice instantly recognizable to any and all wrestling fans. Since signing he has called some of WWE's UK action alongside Nigel McGuinness and will also call play by play for the upcoming Mae Young Classic with Lita by his side.

While Jim Ross is well and truly back with WWE, the legendary announcer is not exclusive to the brand. Before re-signing with Vince McMahon, JR had already agreed to call a number of New Japan shows for AXS TV, so you can also hear the native Oklahoman on there as well if you're looking for your JR fix between his WWE appearances. Vince and WWE have always been fair when it comes to their talent fulfilling obligations with other companies, which is why Impact Wrestling must have been extremely annoyed at themselves for not sealing JR's signature a little sooner.

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