Jim Ross Reveals Brock Lesnar Was The Most Difficult Star He's Ever Had To Work With

WWE commentator Jim Ross has had some rocky relationships with a number of coworkers over his career, which came to light following his departure from the company a few years ago.

Ross left the WWE in 2013 shortly after an incident involving a heavily intoxicated Ric Flair. Though Ross and the WWE announced he retired after his contract expired, many believe he was actually fired for the incident.

Ross returned to the WWE at WrestleMania 33 and is currently under a new contract with the company. He's since been vocal about some of the hardships and incidents during his tenure with the WWE. Ross appeared on The Herd with Colin Cowherd last week and revealed which superstar he had the worst working relationship with.


That man would be current Universal Champion and former UFC Star, Brock Lesnar. Here is what Ross had to say to Cowherd (in part), about his relationship with the beast, per Sam:

"I would have to say that Brock Lesnar is the toughest in the head of that line. I've had some communication issues with Brock Lesnar on occasion, but we got along great because we both came from similar backgrounds."


However, Ross did point out their personal relationship was strong, as both of them came from farming families and were able to build a friendship that way. Ross also called Lesnar "hard-headed", and that he "knows what he wants, one way or another".

Lesnar had some run-ins with fellow wrestlers in the past. After squashing Randy Orton at SummerSlam last year, Chris Jericho confronted the beast believing he intentionally hurt Orton (though it was actually the scripted finish). Lesnar and Jericho had to be restrained by others.

The Beast also had an ugly departure from the WWE in 2004, and wouldn't return to the company for another eight years. J.R. didn't go into many details about his working woes with Lesnar, but the two men seemed to put any differences behind them thanks to their strong personal relationship.

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