Jim Ross Wants Lesnar To Cash In On A New Massive WWE Contract

As always the future of Brock Lesnar is shrouded in mystery. The Beast Incarnate is a very private person and only those extremely close to him ever know for certain what his next career move is going to be. Ever since Brock admitted he knew exactly how his career was going to pan out on the Stone Cold Podcast fans have been speculating.


The general consensus is that Lesnar's current WWE contract comes to an end after WrestleMania 34. That has led to people believing his time with the company will also end at that point. Apparently that may not be the case though, and the Universal Champion's current deal with Vince McMahon actually doesn't finish until later in 2018. Either way Brock could be coming to the end of his time inside the squared circle.

If Jim Ross was the man advising Lesnar on what to do next then the color commentator would recommend he re-signs with Vince McMahon. JR told Submission Radio that he would question exactly what Brock would go on to do next if he leaves WWE. "He likes to be home or working at the wrestling, so I don't know why he would want to leave," Ross explained. "He's got a great gig, man, and I think he really embraces it and appreciates it."

Ross also discussed the rumors that Brock may soon be stepping into Hollywood. There has been talk that The Beast has been ear-marked to play Dolph Lundgren's son in the sequel to Creed although that hasn't been confirmed. JR doesn't believe that lifestyle or schedule would suit Brock as much as his current contract with WWE does, and also hazarded a guess that his latest foray into the octagon will have been his last.


One thing is for sure, Vince McMahon will do everything in his power to keep Brock Lesnar under contract with WWE. Even at the age of 40, The Beast Incarnate is a huge draw for the company and any card with him on instantly becomes a bigger deal just because of his presence. The fact of the matter is though 2018 could include Lesnar's last ever professional wrestling match.

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Jim Ross Wants Lesnar To Cash In On A New Massive WWE Contract