By the reaction of many in the WWE Universe, Raw 25 was lackluster and underwhelming. The anticipation was always likely to exceed the actual show itself but the feedback about the three-hour anniversary program has not been good. In fact, the feedback from many in the Manhattan Center (one of the two locations from which the show was emanating) has been so bad, word that fans started multiple negative chants has gone viral.

What’s also made the rounds online is a photo of both Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross at the announce table in Manhattan Center and sleeping during one of the down moments, of which there were many on Monday. It’s not been confirmed if these photos prove either or both were actually sleeping, but the photo isn’t flattering.

Jim Ross has immediately commented on the rumors using his Facebook page to shoot down any idea that he was resting during the broadcast.

Wanted to clear up something that was reported on a few sites last night during #RAW25. It appears that some sites…

Posted by Jim Ross "Good Ol' JR" on Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Ross also commented on another social media claim that was launched at him.

Absent from his comments were anything positive to say about the show itself which was full of disappointing returns, throw-away matches and included the audience asked to watch more of the program on television screens than in-ring action.


Fans response to his post range from “no one would blame you if were Jim, it was a massive letdown” to “It would be pretty hard to fall asleep with the whole Manhattan Center chanting “bull s–t”, “refund”, and “we want wrestling” all around you.

The hype for Raw 25 was massive. Unfortunately, the show did not deliver and while Ross is defending himself (as he should), it’s hard to think he could defend a show that did not live up to expectations in any way.

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