CM Punk Tops Jim Ross' List Of MASSIVE Names He Wants In WWE

Jim Ross hypothetically revealed who he would sign for WWE if he were Head of Talent Relations once again, and CM Punk is at the top of his list.

It may seem crazy, but we are quickly approaching the fourth anniversary of the night that CM Punk walked out on WWE. Even though it happened all the way back in January 2014, a large section of the WWE Universe is still clamoring for his return to a WWE ring. As recently as last week on Raw, Chicago fans hindered a segment involving Elias and John Cena by chanting their hometown hero's name.

Unfortunately for those fans who do still chant his name, it doesn't look like The Second City Saint will be returning anytime soon. The door is basically open for him to come back to WWE or Ring Of Honor whenever he likes, plus he turned down a large sum to wrestle in the UK over the summer. For the time being at least, Punk seems set on making his UFC career work.

That won't stop fans hoping and fantasy booking though, something Jim Ross did a little of on the Sam Roberts Pro Wrestling Podcast recently. When prompted by Roberts, JR revealed that Punk would be at the top of his list if he were once again Head of Talent Relations at WWE. Ross had a contingency plan for Punk's return too, detailing that he wouldn't have the returning Superstar wrestle or maybe even physically appear until WrestleMania.

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While CM Punk was his number one choice, he wasn't the only one that Jim Ross would like to book for WWE. Most of the Bullet Club featured on JR's wish list including trying to bring in The Young Bucks and welcoming Cody back with open arms. Ross also said he would try and get Chris Jericho to come back and compete at WrestleMania in 2019 since this year it looks as if he won't be making an appearance at The Show of Shows.

When Jim Ross was Head of Talent Relations at WWE, he certainly brought in a lot of big names. Most of the Superstars who made the Attitude Era as great as it was were hired by the Hall of Fame announcer. The aspirations JR would have if he were to fill that role again are positively mouth-watering, however, it's unlikely he would be interested in the job at this stage in his life considering everything else he has going on between WWE, NJPW, his new book, and his podcast The Ross Report.


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