Jim Ross Gives His Opinion On What Can Improve WWE

In a recent blog on his website, the legendary Jim Ross gave his opinion on what could improve WWE in the eyes of the fans as well as getting talent over.

JR believes that commercials midway into a match hurts WWE's talent as the fans are disconnected from the match regularly. He went on to say that he'd like to see more matches start and end in the same segment which would help maintain the focus of the fans.

JR also believes that broadcasters plugging non-wrestling news to fans such as what's trending on Twitter is a bad thing:

"Broadcasters who are forced to speak on loosely connected topics such as what's trending on Twitter even though it's graphically displayed on the TV screen and don't stay true to the talent are on course to not get the talents over. If I'm watching TV and am visually seeing physicality and athleticism but I'm hearing yet another train of thought what of it am I supposed to process? Exactly."

Do you agree with JR? You can read his full blog here.

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