WWE Legend Says Hulk Hogan 'Had His Trial'; Wants WWE Return

Good Ol' JR Jim Ross wants Hulk Hogan to come back to WWE.

Wrestling icon Hulk Hogan was fired from the WWE in 2015 after a tape of him using racial slurs was published. The company terminated his legends contract, removed his merchandise from WWE Shop and erased all mentions of Hogan on its website.

But since Hogan was fired, there have been plenty of rumors about the WWE bringing him back in the near future. There were rumblings of him even returning at WrestleMania 33, but it never happened.

However, legendary WWE announcer Jim Ross believes the company should make amends and bring Hogan back. Speaking with Graham Flanagan of Business Insider, here's what Good Ol' JR had to say:

“The world has an interesting way of forgiving others. The guy paid his price. He had a trial. He lost jobs. He had a court case. I don’t know what more he needs to do. And why are we his judge and jury? If I were there, I would encourage that development. I don’t know what Terry – Hulk Hogan is able to do physically.

I know he’s still training. He’s about my age — 64, but he’s in really good shape. He looks awesome. So, I would say that Hulk is – there’s a ticket for Hulk to punch somewhere to get back in WWE, at least on a reoccurring role-type basis, in my opinion.”

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At 64 years of age, it's unlikely WWE would have Hogan wrestle again - if he were to return to the company. But an ambassador role of some sort would probably work best.

Though Triple H even admitted that he believes a return to the WWE for Hogan is possible, Vince McMahon will have the final say in it. He and Hogan have had a rocky relationship for decades, with the latter leaving the company (and joining rival promotions) under bitter circumstances a handful of times.

Hogan has apologized many times and hasn't denied the dreams of coming back to the company one last time. It's been two and a half years since the tapes came out, so the WWE will have to decide if he's finally paid the price and if they're ready to bring back The Hulkster one more time.


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