Jim Ross Makes Controversial Accusation Regarding Eric Bischoff's Firing

Jim Ross isn't shy about saying what he thinks when it comes to why Eric Bischoff was fired by WWE. It doesn't paint a flattering picture of WWE.

Bischoff's termination by WWE was a bit surprising, mostly because it happened so quickly after being hired. Considered by many to be a recognizable name Fox was interested in bringing in as Executive Director for Friday Night SmackDown, Bischoff got only a few shows under his belt before he was replaced by Bruce Prichard.

Former WWE announcer and important figure in AEW, Jim Ross is accusing WWE of knowing this was always their plan and that Prichard needs to watch his back.

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During Grillin’ JR, Jim Ross compared the Executive Director position in WWE to that of a professional sports coach. His suggestion was that Bischoff was hired to get fired. He explained:

“This whole scenario is set up for a succession process. Do you think that Bruce is safe? You think Bruce got a job, like a Supreme Court Justice, for life? Are you kidding? He don’t think that. I guarantee you don’t think that he knows that his time will come."

This could be Ross just taking a shot at WWE now that he's an "AEW guy" but he might be onto something. Bringing Prichard and Bischoff back was seen as a shocking move by many. Others have described them as little more than "yes men.".

Should Prichard Be Worried?

Unlike Bischoff, one has to assume that Prichard will get a longer leash with the SmackDown product since he's not afraid to assert his ideas. He might only be worried should the ratings on Friday continue to slide.

But, if Ross is right, Prichard has to teach someone the ropes before WWE sends him packing too. If WWE had that person, it stands to reason they wouldn't have needed Prichard and Bischoff in the first place.

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