Jim Ross Reveals The Terms Of His New WWE Contract

Jim Ross returning to the WWE has been on the minds of the WWE Universe and wrestling fans for a while. After an appearance at the latest WrestleMania and the news that he would be co-announcing the Mae Young Classic, it became clear that Ross and the WWE were working to do more projects together. To help clear up just how much Ross and the WWE will be working together, Ross recently appeared as a guest on the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast to discuss life after his wife passed, his status with New Japan, role in WWE, and more.

When asked specifically about his relationship with the WWE, Ross stated that he is contracted to work 40 dates a year for the WWE, and is happy with both the workload and the schedule they've agreed upon. Part of the reason he's interested in more work is that it allows him to stay busy since his wife passed away shortly before WrestleMania 33.

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Ross also stated that he does not know, and has not discussed, whether WWE will allow him to continue working dates outside the company. There were rumors that New Japan was going to use Ross as the voice of their expansion to the United States, but he was not in contact with New Japan and wasn't aware of that news. He did mention it wouldn't have mattered. Ross would have taken his schedule with the WWE whether or not the New Japan deal was on the table.

One thing he does know is that the WWE has no issue with him continuing his podcast and his plans as of now are to continue to record episodes of The Ross Report on PodcastOne.

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This is great news for fans of the WWE and it sounds like good news for Ross who now has a two-year deal with the company. There was concern that the split between Ross and the WWE wasn't amicable. This goes to show that things are now fine, or both sides have moved on and gotten back down to business.

Ross is a legend at the broadcast booth for the WWE and a Hall of Famer. It didn't feel right that he was removed from WWE programming in a way that tarnished his legacy. When he does finally hang up the announcing boots and put away the headset for the WWE, it should be at his discretion and Vince McMahon and company should say goodbye with the dignity and class Ross deserves.

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