WWE Legend Rips Bound For Glory Pay-Per-View

On Sunday, Impact Wrestling held its annual Bound for Glory pay-per-view event which is the company's biggest show of the year. The card featured Johnny Impact vs. Eli Drake for the Impact Global Championship and also saw Gail Kim defeat Allie and Sienna to retire as the Impact Knockouts Champion.

However, the event got fairly awful reviews from top wrestling critics. For starters, Mike Johnson of PWInsider said that Impact did "the same old thing." Also, Jason Powell of ProWrestling.Net called the show a "chair shot to the head."

You can also throw in Jim Ross - long-time legendary WWE announcer - who was not the least bit found of Bound for Glory. On his personal blog, Ross had these thoughts to share about the show:

"Respected the work ethic of the talents, but at times too many ‘gimmicks and gimmick matches’ became overkill, in my opinion. Overuse of gimmick matches, and gimmicks in general, dilutes the process and desensitizes the audience which was seemingly the case in Ottawa...The overuse of duplicate or like spots with extensive gimmick use does no one any favors on anyone’s card.”


via SI.com

Ross did, however, praise Gail Kim's final match, adding that he was "grateful that the right call was made without overthinking it." Other than that, it appears as though good ol' JR wasn't all too pleased with Bound for Glory.

Despite a solid looking card, it doesn't appear as though Impact Wrestling made proper use of their top pay-per-view event. Given how much they've slipped in business and finances, they really needed a good show of this one. It simply didn't happen.

Impact has been hit hard by a strong number of lost talent, including A.J. Styles and Matt and Jeff Hardy. Though they still have other big names like Bobby Lashley and Ethan Carter on the roster, Impact seems to be losing a lot of interest from fans and critics. We'll see if they can somehow escape from the disaster that was Bound for Glory.

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