Jim Ross Knows How To Save Nakamura's Floundering WWE Career

Jim Ross knows how to fix Nakamura's lackluster SmackDown Live run.

Since moving over from NXT, SmackDown superstar Shinsuke Nakamura hasn't received the major push that many of us had hoped for. The long-time NJPW talent has dazzled fans with his incredible entrance and God-given ring talent.

But instead of being the face of SmackDown, Nakamura has had to see AJ Styles, Jinder Mahal, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn run the show instead. One long-time wrestling announcer and prognosticator seems to share the common view with many WWE fans, too.

Appearing on the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast, Jim Ross talked about Nakamura's incredible talents, but how we're not seeing enough of him.

"We are lacking what we know is there, we are not getting. I would love to see him return to that. Remember the match where he finally squared off with AJ, that’s your match and maybe AJ Is the best in the world. I got to call a match or two of theirs and they were unbelievable."

Ross also talked about some of the top matches he saw this year, and said the Styles and Nakamura matches "were right up there."


The reason why Nakamura hasn't received such a push is unknown. We know Vince McMahon refuses to push Finn Balor because he's not "over enough," and that the chairman doesn't see Cesaro as a guy who can run the main event card, either.

We know how much Triple H values Nakamura, as The Game worked extensively to make him a face of NXT before his call-up to the main event roster. Nakamura won the NXT Championship twice and was named Male Competitor and Overall Competitor of the Year in 2016.

Though Nakamura has yet to win a championship on the main roster, the Royal Rumble is just a month away. Perhaps he will win it, and finally get the major push we've all been waiting for. It's long overdue, after all.


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Jim Ross Knows How To Save Nakamura's Floundering WWE Career