Jim Ross Says Jon Jones May Be Interested In WWE

After UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones challenged Brock Lesnar and dropped the mic at UFC 214, the mixed martial arts (MMA) world was a buzz about rumors Lesnar and Jones might actually one day square off in the octagon. Jones' manager added fuel to that fire in a post-match interview saying that Jones wasn't just talking, he legitimately wanted to fight Lesnar and capitalize on the payday that came with it. He cited the Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather bout as motivation that this is something the audience would want to see.

There are all sorts of logistical problems that come with this proposed bout. First is that Lesnar is currently serving a one-year suspension after he failed two USADA drug tests around the time of his Mark Hunt fight in the UFC. Second, both fighters are not in the same weight class. Finally, Lesnar is currently under contract with the WWE.

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It's that last point that might make things interesting. If the MMA fight can't be organized and this dream match in the UFC is really only that—a dream—perhaps the WWE becomes an option. Legendary WWE announcer Jim Ross wrote Monday that there is talk of UFC Light Heavyweight champion Jon "Bones" Jones wanting to work with WWE at some point in the future.

In his blog, JR revealed that "word on the street" suggests Jones has an interest in a "WWE payday" should the opportunity present itself down the line.

Whether this is an alternative to a fight in the UFC or a follow up to any UFC contest the two have, it makes sense for the WWE to take advantage of a willing Jon Jones.

The beauty of a scripted WWE product is that the company can twist the outcome any way they choose. Should Lesnar and Jones first fight for real in the UFC, the loser can argue they want revenge. If it's Lesnar who loses, he can demand Jones come to his turf. If it's Jones who loses, he can agree to come to the WWE just to get his hands on Brock, if that's what it takes. Either situation means a huge payday for both Lesnar and Jones and means a big audience for the WWE. There is legitimately no UFC outcome that makes this story not work from a professional wrestling standpoint.

Even better for the WWE, if the UFC can't give the audience what they want, Vince McMahon and company can. Should Lesnar not be reinstated or the weight classes issue be a hindrance to a real MMA match, the WWE has no such restrictions. Clearly, both Lesnar and Jones are about the money. They'll go where they stand to make the most of it regardless of whether or not the fight is real or staged.

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