Jinder Mahal Responds To Injury Claims

Earlier, it was reported that Jinder Mahal is working through an injury, now he's responded to those rumors.

Anyone hoping that an injury to Jinder Mahal was going to lead to him having to relinquish his WWE Championship, look away now, as he says he's not hurt.

As of right now, it would appear that there is no end in sight when it comes to the WWE Championship reign of Jinder Mahal. Many people may not like it, but it's an experiment by WWE and they have their reasons for doing it. For the past week or so, The Modern Day Maharajah has been touring India, and therein lies the main reason why he's champion.

In India, there is effectively a population of 1.3 billion people that is more or less untapped by WWE. Having a man with Indian heritage as your brand's champion will undoubtedly win over a fair amount of that exorbitant number of people and it's hard to blame WWE for doing so. It seemed like things weren't meant to last for Mahal or WWE as rumors have been circulating that Mahal is injured and that WWE may have even been hiding the knock from the fans.


Photos have been posted by fans on social media showing The Modern Day Maharajah with Kinesio Tape on his shoulder. It's the same type of tape that Cesaro and Finn Balor wore while recovering from their shoulder injuries, but Mahal has quashed the rumors that he's injured via an interview with ESPN. According to The Modern Day Maharaja, he wears the tape because he has large traps that cause his shoulders to roll forward and wearing the tape pulls his shoulders back.

The reason fans suspected WWE of hiding an injury to Jinder's shoulder is because the tape was only used by Mahal during WWE's house shows. On SmackDown Live and at pay-per-views, he doesn't use the tape which made fans a little suspicious.

Whether you love or hate Jinder Mahal, it's good news to know that the WWE Champion isn't actually injured. He may be a somewhat unwanted champion but to wish injuries on WWE Superstars isn't exactly the greatest thing for a fan to do. WWE has a plan for Mahal and unfortunately, the WWE Universe just has to go along for the ride. Maybe they've been holding out for this recent tour of India and after that Mahal's demise will begin.


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Jinder Mahal Responds To Injury Claims