Jinder Mahal Continues Racist Promo On SmackDown Live

The most talked about segment from last week's episode of SmackDown Live was obviously the confrontation between Vince McMahon and Kevin Owens which led to the Kevin Owens headbutt that left Mr. McMahon broken and bloody. However, maybe the second most talked about and commented on part of the night was Jinder Mahal's racist promo against his opponent at the Hell In A Cell pay-per-view, Shinsuke Nakamura.

On this week's episode, the Modern Day Maharaja came out, and the first thing he did when he got to the center of the ring with the microphone in his hands, was to acknowledge that people had a problem with what he said last week. And that Nakamura wasn't too happy either. But, he went on to say that "at least his face is still full of delight." Following that joke, he pointed up at the big screen and up popped a picture of Nakamura with a cringing face similar to the one Mahal used to make fun of him last week with his poop/constipation joke.


So, it seems like the WWE heard the comments and the problems people had with what Mahal said last week. But, instead of backing away from it, it looks like they decided to double down with Mahal's promo this week.

via: wwe.com

Mahal went on to make a few more jokes always ending with that same image of Nakamura and him and the Singh brothers laughing. And while this bit maybe wasn't outright racist, he ended the bit by saying, "Shinsuke, you always 'rook' the same." Yes, he actually said that!


The main thrust of his promo was about how racist and xenophobic the fans are and that they say things like "you get your hair cut by a dog groomer" and comments about how Japanese people eat cats. Basically, he was using the "racist audience" as a way to get in more bad, racist jokes and comments. Let's call it backhanded racism.

Mahal was already disliked by the WWE universe. But to have him going this strong at fan-favorite Nakamura and in such an ugly/mocking/racist way is one way to give Nakamura an even bigger lift if he beats Mahal in their Hell In A Cell title match. Also, these promos and the McMahon bloody head from last week or just a few more examples that the PG Era is definitely behind us.

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