How Jinder Mahal Discovered He WASN'T Facing Brock Lesnar

During the fall, the expectation was that Jinder Mahal would face off against the Universal Champion in Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series, since he was the WWE Champion at the time.

With this year's Survivor Series having a Champion from Raw or SmackDown to take on a top wrestler from the other brand, he ended up getting the short end of the stick after falling to AJ Styles on SmackDown on November 7th.

This set up a match between Styles and Lesnar.

Styles ended up losing to Lesnar, which can only lead us to wonder whether or not Mahal could have defeated Lesnar.

Akhilesh Gannavarapu of Wrestling Inc. recently interviewed Mahal prior to his match against Triple H in New Delhi, India last week.


During the interview, one of the things that Mahal was asked about, was having his match against Lesnar nixed. He says he didn't find out until he arrived in Manchester, England for SmackDown Live.

"I found the day of, when we got to Manchester. To be honest, I was a little disappointed, I was looking forward to that match. But I know that match is going to happen sometime in the future, and it is up to me to make sure that it happens. And I'm going to make sure that it happens. Either; as I said earlier, there are two ways you can take it. You can either say you're going to make it happen, or write and do whatever it takes to get there, or you can pour out, boohoo, and blame someone else. But what is meant to be, was meant to be, it will be. And I'm going to make sure that it becomes."

At least Mahal has a good attitude about the situation. I'm sure he was very disappointed, but he'll have a chance to take down Lesnar in the future.

First Mahal has to get ready for this Sunday's match against Styles at Clash of Champions, where he'll have a chance to regain his WWE Championship title.

When it comes to Mahal's recent match against Triple H, he unsurprisingly lost to the WWE legend. But he said that match was the greatest ever, since of course he was able to perform in his native country. Both wrestlers ended up dancing together in the ring after the match along with The Singh Brothers.


What's really interesting is that WWE actually had to cut their tour of India short due to struggling ticket sales. I wonder how much of that was due to the fact that Mahal lost his title to Styles. Maybe more people would have showed up to his match if he was the WWE Champion.

Comment below and give us your thoughts on Mahal losing to Styles and not getting a chance to face off against Lesnar. Also do you think he'll get his title back this weekend? Will he face off against Lesnar soon?

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