Jinder Mahal Fires Back At Haters Following Title Loss

Jinder Mahal did a great job of defending the WWE Championship belt for the past six months, but his reign came to an end during SmackDown Live after he was defeated by A.J. Styles.

After losing the title, Mahal felt the need to call out his haters with an Instagram post. He made it clear that he didn't lose the title due to an injury, due to a wellness violation, or for experimental purposes.

Now that Styles is the WWE Champion, he will face off against the Universal Champion, Brock Lesnar, on November 19th at Survivor Series. Of course, that's fewer than two weeks away.

This is Styles' second stint as the WWE Champion and his match against Lesnar should be great with John Cena expected to be the guest referee.

Cena hasn't appeared at a WWE event since he lost to Roman Reigns at Raw's No Mercy pay-per-view back in September. It will be interesting to see whether or not he favors Styles, favors Lesnar or if he calls a fair match.

In case you missed the match between Styles and Mahal, you can check it out below.

It's only fair to give Mahal credit for winning the title back in May after defeating Randy Orton at Backlash because no one expected it. He is in great shape and certainly deserved to be a champion.

There is the chance that Mahal wins back the WWE title when the company goes on its India tour in December in order to make his fans happy.

With Mahal only being 31 years-old, I'm sure WWE has some interesting plans for him going forward. He had to have known at some point that he was going to lose the WWE title as no one keeps it forever.


Mahal is a talented wrestler that first joined WWE in 2010, but left in 2014 and wrestled on the independent circuit.

Then in July of 2016, Mahal returned to WWE and won the title only 11 months later.

Comment below and give us your thoughts on Mahal losing his belt to Styles. Also do you think Styles will defeat Lensar?

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