15 Jobs Fans Didn't Know These Wrestlers Had

The role of a WWE Superstar is considered a dream job to many people all over the world. It provides quite a bit of positive aspects to come from the lifestyle. Most WWE stars make great money to become relatively wealthy if they save their money. The fame and spotlight make them huge celebrities with the programs available all over the world. There’s the athletic nature of the gig that will always provide a cool nature. Wrestlers even get to travel the world wrestling in different locations every week. However, many wrestlers have been forced to work jobs outside of the ring in their lives.

There are wrestlers who had interesting jobs before landing a contract with WWE. These performers worked in shocking jobs to pay the bills before wrestling gave them the money needed to make a living. Other wrestlers to see their career end earlier than expected will change career paths into a brand new world. We will look at both sides when it comes to the jobs wrestlers have worked in their every day lives. Find out if your favorite wrestlers ever worked a surprising job before or after their fame. These are fifteen jobs you wouldn’t believe these wrestlers have had.

15. A.J. Styles: Trash collector at raceway

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The road to WWE has been a long one for A.J. Styles to get to his dream job. Styles wrestled in Impact Wrestling for over a decade and had to have a tremendous run in New Japan before WWE finally realized they needed him on the roster. In about two years, Styles has become a top star for the company and the face of the SmackDown brand.

Life before wrestling was extremely tough for Styles. The family situation growing up saw Styles live a poor life. It showed him the importance of bringing in money and he took a job at a young age. Styles worked as a trash collector at a raceway. He would pick up the garbage in between the races and made very low money doing it. This is part of the reason he is appreciating the great money that comes with being WWE Champion.

14 Big Show: Bounty hunter

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Big Show is arguably the most successful big man in WWE history. The career of Big Show has seen him work for WWE over the past nineteen years. Despite being known for his work in WWE, Big Show started his career in WCW. Hulk Hogan saw him at a gym and recruited him to become a star in WCW. As the Giant, he instantly became a main eventer in the world title picture against Hogan one match into his career.

One of the jobs for Big Show before lucking into the greatest wrestling spot ever was working as a bounty hunter. Big Show would collect money to find people and bring them in. Given the size and then athletic ability of Big Show, no one would even dare run away or tell him off making him the perfect bounty hunter.

13 Disco Inferno: Club host

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The wrestling career of Disco Inferno peaked in the late 90s when WCW would offer almost anyone a big contract. Disco made huge money to work as a comedic lower card talent for most of his run. The main purposes of Inferno in WCW was to get a laugh from the crowd and take a good beating. At one point, Disco received a spot on the writing team from Vince Russo in the dying days if you want to remember why WCW went out of business.

Wrestling could not earn Inferno a full-time living after the end of WCW. WWE had no interest and the fans didn’t care enough to book him on independent shows. Disco started working as the host and a glorified bouncer at a strip club in Las Vegas. If you are a super Disco Inferno fan, you can find him at Sapphire Gentleman’s Club when going to Vegas on vacation.

12 Paul Burchill: Firefighter

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The WWE career of Paul Burchill saw him possess great potential in developmental. Burchill was thought to be someone that would have a long career if things worked out in his favor. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out in his favor and he failed to make any waves. Most fans remember him as a bust for the terrible characters of being involved in an implied incest angle and then turning into a pirate.

Following the end of his WWE career, it became apparent that Burchill wouldn’t be able to have a successful time wrestling on the independent wrestling circuit. Burchill found a new career path working as a firefighter and paramedic. Another goal of Burchill is to attend graduate school and become a registered nurse. While he may no longer be entertaining the masses, Burchill is helping people in a more important way.

11 Daniel Bryan: McDonald's cashier

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Daniel Bryan has gone on the record that he is against eating meat, indulging in gross food and believes in ending capitalism. All these things are fascinating when you realize that he used to work at McDonald’s. Bryan was infatuated with wrestling at a young age and wanted to make happen as earlier as possible.

One of the first jobs Bryan took as a teenager saw him work at McDonald’s as a cashier to save up money for wrestling training. Bryan admitted he used to eat some of the McDonald’s meals to save money eating on the job. Today, Bryan would be ashamed to even look at a McDonald’s food item, let alone eat it. The struggle for money has also changed dramatically from this past job.

10 Val Venis: Running A Dispensary

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The WWE career of Val Venis saw him have one of the better mid-card careers during the Attitude Era. Venis was never considered a main event prospect, but he certainly managed to always have a storyline. As an Intercontinental Champion, Venis achieved a great deal despite not having the strongest level of talent looking back at it today.

Life has changed for Venis over the years as he started getting more into politics. One of the beliefs of Val is that marijuana should be legalized all over the company. He has even adopted the moniker of Kaptain Kannabis. Venis legally sells marijuana in Arizona at his Health 4 Life Dispensaries. The career change from a WWE adult character to a legalized marijuana salesman is truly fascinating.

9 Rusev: Cab driver

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Rusev celebrates his existence with Rusev Day every day. Fans have reacted positively to it at shows and many people want to see him get pushed. WWE has dropped the ball with Rusev over the past three years after his undefeated streak ended. Rusev still must be happy considering how hard he worked to get to WWE.

Gangrel helped train Rusev and shared his story on Colt Cabana’s podcast. Rusev worked three jobs in between wrestling training to survive while pursuing his passion. One of the jobs saw him working as a late-night cab driver after wrestling training. No one wants to work overnight, let alone after working two other jobs and training at a physical new interest. Rusev did it all and is now living his dream.

8 Mideon: Chef

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Mideon had one of the most bizarre careers in WWE history. The initial character he played in WWE was Phineas I. Godwinn the pig farmer. A change saw him become Mideon, one of the lackeys sacrificed as part of The Undertaker’s demonic cult leader character. Mideon continued to play up the creepy factor of this character.

That all changed when he turned into a comedic character. WWE gave him a streaking gimmick and started referring to him as Naked Mideon. Once the days of him streaking lost its humor, he was out of the company. Mideon shifted career paths and became a successful chef after leaving WWE. His cooking skills are regarded as impressive, but you deserve credit if you eat a meal from someone you remember as Naked Mideon.

7 Naomi: Teen pregnancy facility employee

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The run of Naomi in WWE right now has her as one of the top women’s in the SmackDown division. Naomi accomplished her goal when winning the SmackDown Women’s Championship twice last year to become a credible to woman on the show. The future is bright for Naomi as she continues to add memorable moments.

Naomi worked quite a few jobs before entering the wrestling business. The most interesting one may be her time at a teen pregnancy center. Naomi helped care for the young women along with the babies. She stated it was one of the most fulfilling jobs of her life. Many fans remember that she also danced for the Orlando Magic. Naomi did the Magic dancing in between her job at the facility. Cheerleaders don’t make much money and Naomi had more important work helping those in need.

6 Trinity: Stunt woman

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The WWE career of Trinity is barely remembered today since it was considered a huge disappointment. Trinity was one of the few women to get television time on Impact Wrestling and often impressed doing big spots such as diving off the cage. It was impressive enough to land her a spot in WWE when they were looking for talent to add in the ECW relaunch.

Trinity barely did much on television before she lost her spot. WWE fired her faster than expected and she left the wrestling business shortly after. Trinity continued working in a field that allowed her to pull off crazy feats of athleticism. Stunt work is how she makes her living these days by pulling off tough feats in movies and television shows.

5 Roman Reigns: Installing office furniture

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Roman Reigns is the face of WWE today as the company hopes he can carry that responsibility for the next decade. The push of Reigns from day one saw WWE believe in him more they have anyone since John Cena took the role in 2005. Reigns is a wealthy man making more money than any other active full-time wrestler on the WWE roster right now.

The millionaire status of Roman is something new for him after tough times prior to his fame. When Reigns failed to make the NFL, he struggled to find work. His uncle hired him and both Usos to work for their office furniture installation company. Reigns helped put together the chairs, tables and cubicles needed for offices leading to long days of labor. While he still works with his hands, life has improved dramatically for Reigns.

4 Becky Lynch: Flight attendant

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The career path of Becky Lynch saw her work very hard at a plethora of jobs before making her way to WWE. Lynch worked on the international independent circuit after being trained by Finn Balor, but she struggled to find relevance in the industry. The decision to leave wrestling for a few years saw her hoping to find a new passion.

Becky worked as a stunt woman and had quite a few other odd jobs that showcased her talents that helped her get to WWE. One job that helped her learn the traveling aspect was becoming a flight attendant. Lynch’s mother had the same job and helped Becky get a spot flying with her. It wasn’t her passion and she ended up returning to wrestling. Luckily, she received enough experience to prepare her for life on WWE’s hectic schedule.

3 Buff Bagwell: Male Escort

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A bizarre job for anyone, especially a professional wrestler, has seen Buff Bagwell become a gigolo in recent years. It isn’t too crazy since Bagwell used to be a male dancer before getting a break in the wrestling business. WCW hired Bagwell and employed him for about a decade making great money. Buff saw his meal ticket end when WWE purchased WCW.

The bad attitude backstage hurt Bagwell in WWE and saw him get hired within a few weeks of joining them. Buff looked to continue wrestling on the independent circuit, but no one would pay him remotely close to what WCW did. A career change saw him become a gigolo for any ladies that wanted to hire services. Buff even appeared on the reality series Gigolos discussing his profession.

2 Kevin Owens: Gas station attendant

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Kevin Owens has one of the best success stories after years of working hard for little money. The independent wrestling career of Owens always delivered impressive work that caught the attention of fans. However, the money just wasn’t strong on the free agent market at the time in wrestling. Owens had to find other jobs to provide for his wife and son while trying to get to WWE.

One of the jobs saw him work as a gas station attendant. It is fascinating to imagine Owens pumping gas on week nights before performing in front of a sold-out Hammerstein Ballroom for Ring of Honor. The wrestling career of Owens started to take off in 2011 and he made a full living on the indie scene for a few years. WWE then hired him, and the rest is history as he became a huge star. Owens has publicly shown respect for those pumping gas today as he understands the work ethic needed for the job.

1 Steve Blackman: Bounty hunter

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Steve Blackman is the second bounty hunter on the list, but it is more interesting to imagine him doing the job. WWE employed Blackman during the Attitude Era and rightfully portrayed him as one of the toughest guys on the roster. Many wrestlers have revealed in interviews that Blackman was among the last people you wanted to get into a fight with given his various backgrounds of fighting training.

Following the end of his WWE career, Blackman accepted that he was done with wrestling. Bounty hunting has become his job in recent years. The idea of Blackman trying to find you and forcefully bring you somewhere sounds like a nightmare for any sane human that knows his background. WWE even polled fans at one point about interest in a reality show about Blackman’s bounty hunting for the WWE Network. Sadly, it never happened, and we will never see the magic of Blackman as a bounty hunter on television.

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