Joe Rogan Calls CM Punk An Amateur That Doesn't Deserve To Fight On Pay-Per-View

CM Punk may not be the most experienced, nor the best fighter contracted by the UFC, but it feels a bit strange that one of the main commentators for the company, Joe Rogan, would openly bash Punk's involvement in the UFC events, suggesting he should instead be placed on an amateur card since he's not really a fighter.

This is apparently what happens when people start to question your drawing power and ability to hang with the best in the sport of MMA.

Rogan recently discussed the upcoming CM Punk vs. Mike Jackson UFC 225 match on his Joe Rogan Experience podcast and suggested that while Punk's upcoming fight makes more sense from a booking standpoint, both fighters are beginners and should be treated as such. Rogan stated that facing Mickey Gall — which he did in his first fight — was a "foolish venture," saying that just because someone thinks positively about an outcome, doesn't make it likely.

"That s--t is not enough," said Rogan about watching Punk or anyone who isn't ready train. "When I saw him training I thought, 'oh my God. This guy is gonna get killed.'"

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Rogan went on to say that facing Jackson is a better fit for Punk but it doesn't deserve a place on the main card. He contends Punk vs. Jackson should be "in some amateur event somewhere," because both are amateurs learning to compete. There are many who agree and it's become quite the story that Punk has bumped some fairly big named fighters to the Fight Pass part of the show while he takes a main card position on the show. Rogan might not be pleased but, one thing we know for sure, it's that Rogan hopes Punk doesn't approach this fight like he did with Gall; as if it was a pro wrestling fight.

Rogan is like a lot of UFC fans who aren't big on pro wrestlers making the MMA jump. "What was really weird watching him walk to the cage is that he was approaching it like a pro wrestling fight," said Rogan... While I was watching this, I did like an internal head shake like 'ah f--k.' It was a terrible idea."

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But, Rogan didn't apply this rule of wrestlers going to UFC to everyone. Because Brock Lesnar came from an amateur wrestling background, he had a clear advantage. Punk is a "different animal," and Rogan suggests that starting an MMA career so late in life may not have been wise.

Meanwhile, as Punk prepares for his fight at UFC, he's in the midst of a trial with WWE doctor Dr. Chris Amann who sued Punk for defamation.

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