John Cena Admits He Was Wrong About The Rock

John Cena has slowly been getting more and more movie and television roles. He's already received praise from critics for his role in Trainwreck starring Amy Schumer. While Cena said to MTV UK that he has no plans to leave WWE for movies full time like The Rock, he said he feels he was wrong to criticize The Rock for leaving wrestling.

“A few years back I was just too ignorant to see his vision. It is amazing after beating somebody up, how much respect you have for them. But what he was doing was absolutely correct, for where he wanted to go – he’s there tenfold now. Hopefully I can ride a little bit on his wing.”

We all remember back when Cena and Rock's real life beef first started that Cena was very critical towards The Rock for leaving the WWE for a Hollywood career.

Cena went on to say in the interview that he wants to follow in his footsteps in terms of bringing more eyes on the WWE product by finding some success in Hollywood. He just won't be fully leaving WWE to do so. He praises The Rock as being "the most successful WWE superstar ever.”

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John Cena Admits He Was Wrong About The Rock