The Real Reason Why Cena vs Strowman Happened On Raw

John Cena vs. Braun Strowman may not have taken place to set up something more between the two Superstars down the line.

This past week on Raw we were treated to a mega-match with almost no promotion when John Cena faced off against The Monster Among Men, Braun Strowman for the first time ever. The length of the match and the lack of a clean finish has led fans to ponder on what might lie ahead for these two and if their paths will cross again.

The match came to an end when Strowman decided he had enough and brought the steel steps into play. Although hitting the franchise player in the face with them confusingly wasn't enough to get Braun disqualified, the power slam onto the top of them that followed apparently was. The finish has led to fans conspiring that maybe this is the beginning of the two battling again at WrestleMania, but the real reason behind them wrestling on Raw isn't nearly that exciting.


This week the SmackDown Live roster will be putting on a house show in China, and Big Match John will be a part of that. According to NoDQ.com that's the sole reason behind Strowman and Cena doing battle on Raw. WWE needed a reason to write Cena off of TV for a week. There is only one Raw before he faces off against Roman Reigns at No Mercy, and havingStrowman slam him onto some steel steps seemed like the perfect way to do that.

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While Cena is on a collision course with Reigns at No Mercy, Strowman has issues of his own as he prepares to take on Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship. What WWE has planned for the go home Raw will be interesting as Cena is absent as he heads to China, and Lesnar isn't scheduled for the show either.


Although the reasoning behind Cena versus Strowman was to merely to render the former out of action for a few days, that doesn't mean WWE won't be able to hark back to their match somewhere down the line. Considering the current status of both men in the company right now, it seems like a given that they'll have to clash again sometime in the not so distant future. That way Cena will be able to get his receipt for being slammed onto the steel by Strowman.

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