John Cena Comments On Joining Bullet Club And The Young Bucks Respond

John Cena recently gave a positive comment towards the Bullet Club, and received a response from The Young Bucks - who tried recruiting him.

At this point of his WWE career, John Cena has accomplished just about everything needed. But the key words are "just about." The man could still has a few epic chapters he could add in his career.

A heel turn? We've waited long enough for that. It's probably not going to happen. But what about joining an iconic faction - like The Bullet Club? The 16-time World Champion had this to say when it came to joining the luxurious group:

As you can hear, Cena referred to the group as "an elite club," but also shared doubts of The Bullet Club taking on, as he put it, "a grizzled veteran." While we await a potential response from them, The Young Bucks chimed in with a response of their own:


It may be a dream for many wrestling fans to see Cena join any of these two major non-WWE stables. But the man is 40 years of age, has hinted at possibly retiring soon, and has always been committed to the WWE.


If Cena were to leave the WWE, it would almost surely be to continue his acting career. He's been more than loyal to the business his whole career, and the only realistic scenario where Cena would join Young Bucks or Bullet Club would be if either one of them came over to the WWE.

Considering the company fired writer Jimmy Jacobs for sharing a photo of himself with The Bullet club late last year, it's also hard to envision them bringing this group on board.

But never say never. Hulk Hogan made a shocking heel turn moment by joining the New World Order to revive his wrestling career. If the opportunity ever presents itself, perhaps the leader of Cenation will become one of the Young Bucks, or a member of Bullet Club.


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John Cena Comments On Joining Bullet Club And The Young Bucks Respond