John Cena Says He's Considered Retiring From Wrestling

WWE superstar John Cena has admitted that he's been having that retirement conversation with himself lately.

The 42-year-old, who was recently confirmed as the newest member of the Fast & Furious franchise, is finding that Hollywood is pretty great, having featured in several major films over the years. And it could be that he's considering making the transition full time after landing what could turn out to be his biggest role thus far.

TMZ recently caught up with the star and had a few questions for him. As it pertains to the development over Fast & Furious, Cena says that he's very grateful and has Vin Diesel to thank for the hookup.

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But a question over Goldberg and The Undertaker came up, following their horrendous match at the recent Super ShowDown, and John was asked whether he thinks the aging stars should call it quits.

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The match between the WWE legends have garnered much criticism, and rightly so. But Cena says that a decision to call curtains on one's career should only be up to the individual. It was then he revealed that he has been thinking of retirement himself, adding that he's only 42.

Of course, TMZ tried getting the sweet deets on the love life Cena may or may not be involved in right now but he refused to divulge, claiming that there's some business of his that will remain under wraps. He winked while saying that by the way, which could be an indication that something's afoot where Cena and a presumably attractive woman are concerned.

Cena has been one of WWE's biggest personalities for some time, despite no longer being a full time competitor. There aren't many who can lay claim to such a status, with the likes of The Rock, Hulk Hogan and Steve Austin some of the only men to transcend the business and become hugely popular personalities even outside of the ring.

If Cena does decide to retire soon, it will be a huge loss for WWE. But the fact that he isn't around every week should make it easier for the fans.

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