John Cena's Dad Has Some Harsh Words About Jinder Mahal

John Cena Sr. is not a fan of Jinder Mahal being WWE Champion, claiming there are many others at the company much more capable of being champ.

John Cena's father is quickly becoming a very outspoken man when it comes to WWE's current product. A few days ago, we reported on what the 16 time World Champion's dad had to say about certain women currently on the roster. While Cena Sr. is a fan of Sasha Banks, he admitted that he did not like anything about The Boss's peers Charlotte Flair and Alexa Bliss.


Well, it turns out The Queen and The Goddess aren't the only two of his son's co-workers that Cena Sr. doesn't particularly have a fondness for. Cena Sr. also opened up about his dislike of current WWE Champion Jinder Mahal. Now, it would be fair to say that many people aren't exactly taken by the current choice to hold the company's top prize, but not many of the people airing their grievances are fathers of the WWE's current top stars.

Cena's dad sat down with Boston Wrestling News recently and really let fly on what he thinks of Jinder Mahal. "I don't think he's a good champion, I don't think he's a worthy champion," Cena SR. said during the interview. He didn't stop there either. He also said that he can see other people holding that belt, and addressed the elephant in the room that Mahal only has the championship to appeal to fans in India.

Jinder Mahal has been WWE Champion for over four months now and has held the WWE Championship for longer than the likes of Roman Reigns and Ric Flair. Despite backlash from the WWE Universe, Vince McMahon has stayed the course with the Modern Day Maharajah, and whatever their plan is with him, they're sticking to it. Whether the belt changes hands at Hell In A Cell next month is currently anyone's guess.


John Cena Sr. has certainly been making his opinions on WWE's current product well known recently. He may be the father of Big Match John, but whether that warrants him to cast judgment over the company and those within it is up for debate. If Mahal, Flair, and Alexa Bliss catch wind of what Cena's father has been saying, you would have to imagine it would make a pretty uncomfortable working environment for his son.

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