John Cena Shares Embarrassing Story About His Early Days In WWE

John Cena may be the face of the WWE today, but a disgusting mishap in the ring during his early days nearly left a stain on his entire career.

John Cena has been a WWE superstar for nearly 20 years, and the man has accomplished more than most in the industry. He's a 16-time World Champion, has headlined five WrestleManias and has won two Royal Rumbles.

Cena is also responsible for helping the WWE transition towards the Ruthless Aggression and PG Eras, becoming the face of the company following the departures of 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin, The Rock and Hulk Hogan.

But despite all of these accomplishments, Cena has gone through some rather forgettable appearances in the WWE. In a recent interview with Sports Bible, Cena told a humiliating story about a time when he got food poisoning. Allow him to explain:

“The most embarrassing thing is when I performed with food poisoning. I happened to not be wearing my denim shorts, this was way back in the days of yore and believe it or not, I was wearing Halloween orange spandex trunks. At the end of the contest, the orange had turned into an unflattering Autumn brown."


Cena then added that it was also a "nightmare" if he wasn't ready while his music started playing. He did said he'd "rather arrive late but dressed for the occasion than pooping yourself and vomiting during a performance.”

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Cena didn't specify when the accident took place, but it's probably a better idea if he doesn't. There's no way he wants fans to start googling up the time when nature called during a match.

There aren't too many stories out there about WWE superstars having accidents like Cena's in the ring, but it has happened to numerous athletes - including college football players and marathon runners.

The good news for Cena is that he's built such a legendary career, that fans won't simply remember him as the guy who let nature call at the most inopportune time. As far as we're concerned, this story will be forgotten before long.


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John Cena Shares Embarrassing Story About His Early Days In WWE