John Cena's Fans Thanking Him Will Make You Tear Up

John Cena once again teamed up with Cricket Wireless during SummerSlam week, but this time his fans had a surprise for him.

John Cena, love him or hate him, it's hard not to respect him. The man is a machine and does unfathomable amounts of work. For WWE, in Hollywood, but most importantly Cena does an incredible amount of charity work. The sixteen time World Champion has granted more Make-A-Wishes than anyone else in history, and it's exactly that why you will never see Big Match John turn heel, no matter how much you might want it.

Last year, Cena teamed up with Cricket Wireless to pull off a heart warming prank for some of his biggest young fans. The lucky chosen few had to perform their best Cena impression, only to have their hero burst through a false wall behind them. Well, this year Cena partnered with Cricket Wireless once again but had the tables turned on him somewhat.


Cena was handed a number of cards and letters, all from fans both young and old who have had their lives changed by Cena in some way. The group included people inspired by his mantras while they suffered from depression, applied for adoption, and even a woman with a prosthetic leg. The final message was a video from a young boy who was helped through his mother's battle with cancer via a wristband handed to him by Cena at a live event he attended.


While Cena watched the video and visibly began to tear up, the boy from the video burst through a false wall similar to the one Cena had used to surprise his fans a year prior. Cena embraced him while telling him how strong he was as the boy was closely followed by his mother. The other writers of the cards and notes that John had just read slowly filed into the room and all had the opportunity to meet their hero and the man that had helped them get through tougher times.

As you can see from the video, Cena was clearly taken aback and overwhelmed by how much he has touched so many lives and was honored to get the opportunity to meet a select few of them. Let's be honest, you would have to have a heart of stone to be able to watch this and not tear up along with Big Match John. A really touching video and just one example of why the Franchise Player is such an important asset to WWE.

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