John Cena Grants 500th Make a Wish Visit

John Cena may have his share of haters for his wrestling style and character but today, the man proved how good a heart he truly has.

Earlier this year, Cena visited a sick boy named Rocco in the hospital, the boy suffering leukemia and requesting via the Make-A-Wish Foundation that he meet the WWE Superstar.  Rocco was rather ill that day and couldn't fully appreciate the visit. With word that Rocco wasn't feeling well, Cena surprised the boy on the Today show to give him some updated Cena ring gear as well as two tickets to Monday Night Raw to hang out backstage.

What wasn't promoted is that this marks an amazing milestone as this was Cena's 500th visit for a Make-A-Wish kid, the most ever by any single celebrity in any field. A special ceremony to honor that achievement will be held in New York on Friday.

Say what you will about Cena but for a guy to take time out from a grueling schedule of wrestling and public appearances to spend some time with 500 sick kids makes him a much better man than most in the business.

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John Cena Grants 500th Make a Wish Visit