10 Hilarious John Cena Memes That Will Have You Crying

John Cena spent a decade as the top babyface in WWE, and even though he's only a part- time wrestler now, he remains one of the biggest draws in the business.

Cena reached extremely high levels of popularity during his time as the WWE's top babyface. But long-time Cena supporters don't only love the guy because of his wrestling career.

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They also love Cena because of the many hilarious and epic memes and GIFs he inspired. The "Unexpected John Cena" meme is one of the best things for all wrestling fans on the internet.

With that all said, let's dive into the 10 best John Cena memes that'll have you crying from laughter.

10 Don't Steal Anything

There's not a whole lot of context to this one. It's just a tremendous mix of John Cena faces. In this case, the context practically writes itself.

Cena's had many hilarious facial expressions during his WWE career, and they've inspired a lot of memes (as you'll continue to view on this list). So enjoy this meme as an introduction. Let's roll onto the top nine (More context here, we promise).

9 She Has To Wait

All wrestling fans have come across many hilarious memes that refer to the struggles of real-life relationships. Many of those who broke up following long-term courtships have gone through the awkward phase of having to meet with their ex to discuss certain issues.

It's always a difficult situation to work through, but at least the 16-time World Champion is here to provide some laughs with this meme. We're not sure what Cena was pondering or doing while these two photos of him were taken, but they fit the context perfectly.

8 We've All Been There

Remember the good old days where we often had to beg our parents for money? This usually meant doing chores around the house or simply being on good behavior to receive an allowance. Or, as this Cena meme points out, you could also obtain the money by simply laughing at a classic "dad joke."

Of course, it's common for us to simply disregard a terrible dad joke because they're often not all that funny. But if you can pull off the Cena-like laughter displayed in this meme, your dad just might give you the twenty bucks.

7 Cena And Uber

You didn't actually think we were going to avoid using the classic " You Can't See Me" memes, could you? We're not quite at the point in time where most cars on the road are self-driven, but we'll get there someday.

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Actually, this Cena meme points out that we're already at the stage of self-driving cars. The 16-time World Champion doesn't happen to be sitting in the front car there, is he? Anybody see him?

6 Nice Car. Where's Cena?

Why do we see so many celebrities in car commercials and such? It simply makes the product that much more desirable. If John Cena is driving a fancy car, suddenly WWE fans want the fancy car. If John Cena is wearing an awesome short, fans want to buy that same awesome shirt.

Well, look at this beautiful car standing in front of a gorgeous home. The only thing missing is a Grade-A WWE superstar. How good would Cena look if he was standing in front of the car here?

5 Nice Try, Nurse

As many of you know by now, "ICU" in hospital terms stands for "Intensive Care Unit." A light certainly goes off when Cena and his fans hear the "ICU" initials. It just sets up for an easy yet downright hilarious Cena meme.

To be confused with "I see you," the "ICU" abbreviation paves the way for another classic Cena meme here. Really, the whole meme just writes itself out here. It's pure gold.

4 Not Putting You Over

Cena is one of the most accomplished superstars in the history of WWE, and there's no denying that he did a superb job in filling the shoes of 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin and The Rock as "The Face That Runs The Place."

That said, many have been critical of Cena for not putting over some up-and-coming talents during his time with WWE. Some superstars that Cena "buried" include The Nexus, R-Truth, Bray Wyatt and Zack Ryder, among others.

During his run as a main event face, fans got used to the same old, same old. Another superstar would be in line for a major push against Cena, but he'd deliver the Attitude Adjustment Finisher and put them away, thus ending their run as a main event talent.

So this meme is a bit less humorous and more on the "truth" side. But the Cena facial expression wins some serious points here.

3 Dinner For One

Sorry, but you had to know that we wouldn't do a top three without another "you can't see me" meme. But we promise, this is absolutely the last one.

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John Cena and Nikki Bella were one of the most beloved wrestling power couples from 2012 to 2018. She accepted his proposal at WrestleMania 33, but the two ended their relationship two years later - not long before their wedding was set to take place.

2 Challenging The Undertaker

Hey look! A John Cena meme created by none other than John Cena!

John Cena and The Undertaker was rumored to take place at WrestleMania 34 for several months, but many were convinced that The Deadman was retired following his loss to Roman Reigns one year earlier.

Cena kept daring The Undertaker to appear and face him at WrestleMania. The Undertaker failed to show up following numerous challenges from Cena, so the latter took to Instagram with this hilarious message.

Well, Cena finally got his wish - as Undertaker appeared at WrestleMania 34 to accept his challenge. The Phenom finished the 16-time World Champion off in just 2:45, scoring the pinfall victory while showing that he was far from done in the ring.

1 Why We're Here

Hey, isn't this why we're here in the first place?

At the end of the day, you can never get enough John Cena memes, plain and simple. No matter how you felt about this guy during his run as a main event face, you can't take away the many great memes and GIFs that he inspired.

And so, we close out this list with a meme that simply asks everyone to make as many John Cena memes as possible. We can never get enough of them.

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