John Cena Is About To Return, But Is He Healthy?

It has already been announced that John Cena will be making his return during the Memorial Day episode of Monday Night Raw in less than two weeks. When the news first broke, it came as a bit of a shock since the initial projections had put Cena's timeline at nine months and it had only been six.

For Cena to be at 100% three months sooner than projected is pretty impressive. But is he going to be at 100% when he returns? Actually, no he won't be. And that is coming from John Cena himself, who told TMZ that he is at about 70% of where he was in November of 2015, but "me at 70% is still pretty damn good."

You can watch the full TMZ interaction in the video above. And let's just hope he isn't coming back too early.

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John Cena Is About To Return, But Is He Healthy?