John Cena Is Injured Again... Will He Be Back For WrestleMania 32?

Well, this is a terrible way for the WWE to start the new year. After taking some time off to recover from some minor injuries and rest his body, which is the point where WWE's ratings dropped to their lowest, John Cena returned to face off against Alberto Del Rio for the United States Championship he lost before his sabbatical. Sadly, it appears as though his return will be a short one, as he just tweeted that he's undergoing shoulder surgery tomorrow.

But here's the real kick in the teeth for the WWE. He's now, according to PWInsider.com, going to likely miss WrestleMania 32 due to the shoulder issue, which they also disclosed is a torn rotator cuff. They also claim he was supposed to wrestle The Undertaker at the event, which means they'll need to do some major reshuffling. However, keep in mind that Cena is an absolute freak and has beat his injury timelines before. While the news seems bleak now, we would be foolish to completely rule Cena out for WrestleMania.

This is terrible news for Cena, not to mention the WWE, and we wish him the absolute best in his recovery. He had a terrific 2015 and it would be an absolute shame if he'd be absent from the biggest WrestleMania (attendance-wise) of all-time.

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