John Cena's Promo On Roman Reigns Was A Little Too Real

Roman Reigns isn't known for his promo work, so when he lined up against John Cena to hype their match at No Mercy, it got really ugly really fast.

It looks like John Cena and Roman Reigns will, in fact, face off in what has now suddenly become a highly anticipated match for the WWE.

Mike Rome announced on Monday that Cena and Reigns will be facing off against one another during the upcoming No Mercy pay-per-view on Sunday, Sept. 24, 2017,  at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California.

Now that the match has been announced, Raw general manager Kurt Angle had both Cena and Reigns gather in the middle of the ring on Monday night for a promo and for them to officially sign the contract for them to wrestle at No Mercy.

Of course, both Cena and Reigns looked right through one another and insulated one another. But Cena went above and beyond and showed that he just doesn't care and is looking to tear Reigns apart. It's also fair to say that Cena completely roasted Reigns on Monday night.


Cena really ripped into Reigns by calling him a "cheap a** corporate created John Cena bootleg." Cena went on to refer to Reigns as a "chump" and said that he's "a guy" not "the guy."

Cena made it clear to Reigns that he will not be able to defeat him even though he just took out The Undertaker at Wrestlemania. Reigns then tried to come back at Cena and told him that he sucks and then was at a loss for words for a moment.


Cena then interrupted and belittled Reigns by reminding him that it's a promo and telling him that if he wants to be great that he needs to learn how to do one.

Reigns' best comeback was to then call Cena a "phony' and a "yes man." He then called Cena a "fake b****." Reigns went even further and called Cena a "part timing face a** b****."


Soon after, Reigns taunted Cena by saying that he's the one guy in the WWE "that he can't see" and of course waved his hand in front to his face, mocking Cena.

It was a nice try by Reigns, but Cena hammered him during the promo and they both certainly added fuel to the fire ahead of next month's No Mercy pay per view.

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John Cena's Promo On Roman Reigns Was A Little Too Real