LOOK: John Cena's Photo Response To Being Sued By Ford Motor Company

WWE superstar John Cena landed himself in hot water with the Ford company, who are trying to sue him for selling his 2017 Ford GT. The car - which TMZ Sports reported was worth $500,000 - breaks the rule of a contract Cena signed with the company. Ford made the following statement on the matter:

"Mr. Cena has unfairly made a large profit from the unauthorized resale flip of the vehicle, and Ford has suffered additional damages and losses, including, but not limited to, loss of brand value, ambassador activity, and customer goodwill due to the improper sale."

The Washington Post reported that Cena sold the car for $460,000, and promised the company he would fix the issue - though that didn't happen. Cena also responded with a rather humorous post on his Instagram page (an '80s Ford vehicle), suggesting he couldn't be the least bit bothered about the lawsuit:

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Cena has a net worth that's reportedly in the $55 million range, so it's safe to assume he won't be too bothered if he loses the lawsuit. But assuming the $500,000 car was truly sold for $460,000, it's going to be hard for Ford to prove a case of him "making a large profit."

Though Cena was the face of the WWE during the Ruthless Aggression and early staged of the PG Era, he's only been a part-timer over the past couple of years. Cena has started to build up a career in Hollywood, and has plenty of endorsements with giant companies throughout his career. It's hard to envision him being distraught if Ford cuts ties with Cena.


If this is the end of Cena's relationship with Ford, it's safe to guess that he couldn't be the least bit bothered. But it would be fitting if he fought through the lawsuit by delivering an attitude adjustment to the company in court. One can imagine, right?


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