John Cena Calls Out Roman Reigns' Wellness Policy Violation In Latest Promo

Roman Reigns and John Cena's promo war has garnered a lot of attention for how real they've gotten, but Cena may have taken it too far this week.

Roman Reigns and John Cena had yet another promo battle on Raw this week, and things got extremely personal once again.

Last week, Raw opened with a match between Cena and Jason Jordan. A great match in fact during which Kurt Angle's on-screen illegitimate son came extremely close to picking up the win. Cena prevailed though, and after the match,  Reigns emerged for a war of words. Most of those words involved The Big Dog mocking Cena for taking so long to beat Jordan.

Fast forward seven days and Reigns was the man opening Raw against Jordan—clearly in a bid to show up his No Mercy opponent. Well, mission failed. Jordan gave just as spirited of a performance against Reigns as he did against Big Match John, earning the respect and a handshake from The Guy post match despite losing. Cena being Cena, of course, came out to point out the obvious, and for another war of his words with his current adversary.


The promo battles between Cena and Reigns these past few weeks have been talking points each and every Monday. This one was no different, and the sixteen time World Champion got more personal than ever. First on the docket was the obvious, how long it took Roman to defeat Jason Jordan. Other things that came up in the back and forth were Roman offering a certain cousin's assistance to help Cena break into Hollywood, and Reigns coming to the ring and failing every single week despite Cena trying to help him. It was the killer last line that people aren't going to forget though as Cena told Reigns that at No Mercy he'll be like a drug test because Reigns won't be able to get past him.


Nothing seems to be off limits in these battles between the two, and Cena has just pushed the envelope probably about as far as he could possibly get away with. Reigns suffered a 30-day suspension in 2016 following a violation of WWE's wellness policy. It was likely a blemish on Reigns' career that the company were glad most people had forgotten about, that is until their franchise player shone a big spot light on it this week.

John Cena and Roman Reigns will clash at No Mercy, which means there is just one more Raw left for them to say what they need to say before things come to blows. It's hard to imagine exactly what's left to be said, and how it could possibly go to another level beyond what we've already seen and heard. If anyone can find a way though, it's John Cena, and that go home promo is going to be can't miss.

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John Cena Calls Out Roman Reigns' Wellness Policy Violation In Latest Promo