Three Reasons Why John Cena Gets Away With His Promos

The talk of the WWE Universe right now is the weekly promo segments between John Cena and Roman Reigns. Every Monday night, are treated to  The Big Dog getting a verbal dress down from the 16 time World Champion. The reason there has been so much talk surrounding the war of words between these two Superstars is because each and every week, Big Match John is verbally castrating his No Mercy opponent. Nothing seems to be off limits for either man, and Cena is the one taking advantage of that.

Cena tackled Roman's inability to cut a good promo, stated that he is only on Raw because Reigns is bad at what he does, and this past week even directly referenced The Big Dog failing a WWE wellness test last year. This all begs the question, how on earth is he getting away with it? Cena seems to be able to say whatever he likes. He breaks kayfabe, makes Vince McMahon's hand-picked Superstar look like a fool, and you have to assume that he isn't getting punished for it because he comes out and does it again seven days later. So, why exactly is Cena given such free reign on the mic?


3. He Has Been With WWE For Over 15 Years

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Let's get the obvious one out of the way first. John Cena made his WWE main roster debut 15 years ago. You don't have a run like that without earning yourself some clout back stage. Many fans accuse Cena of using that clout to bury some Superstars, and that might be true, but it appears he uses a lot more of it in order to get his own way when he has a mic in his hand.

It's not just clout either. If Big Match John was absolutely terrible on the mic, or even not quite as good as he actually is, then there's no way he would be able to go out to the ring and say the things he says, no matter how many years he has been with the company. Cena is one of the greatest talkers WWE has ever seen, which is why the franchise player is allowed to go out there and simply say what pops into his head in a pro wrestling world that is apparently dominated by scripts.


2. He Doesn't Care Anymore

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Now don't take this one the wrong way. We are not suggesting that John Cena doesn't care about WWE or professional wrestling. If there is one man in the business today that has the company's blood flowing through his veins, it is this guy. With that being said, there is no avoiding the fact that Cena is gradually segueing out of being a full-time professional wrestler. It can't come as a shock to anyone since he has been putting the plan into place for a number of years now. Despite what Terry Funk and Jerry Lawler might try and tell you, you can't wrestle forever— certainly not at the level Cena wrestles at anyway.

Cena is 40 years old, and it's time for him to start winding down, at least when it comes to in ring competition. There is plenty for Cena to sink his teeth into away from WWE as well, and that's all thanks to the hard work he has been putting in. He stars in films and hosts TV shows so really at this point if he said something on the mic that WWE didn't like, what's the worst thing they could do to him?


1. WWE Wants Him To Up Roman's Game

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This is the final reason—and in all honesty the most likely—that WWE and Vince McMahon are letting John Cena go out there every Monday night and tear Roman Reigns apart in their promo battles. One of the main reasons a large section of the WWE Universe is continually rejecting The Big Dog is because he doesn't particularly have what it takes when it comes to cutting a top promo. When Reigns speaks, it's painfully obvious that he is desperately trying to remember word for word what has been written for him.

Cena, on the other hand, is the complete opposite of that. For years he has gone out there and come up with his own words and his own promos. McMahon may have thought that giving Reigns this type of immersion therapy is the best thing for him. When staring down the barrel of a Cena promo he will have no choice but to think up a retort on the spot and hit back. If that is the plan then it has worked, sort of. Reigns certainly seems more comfortable than he did during his and Cena's first mic battle when he forgot his lines and Cena pounced, but he still has an awfully long way to go.

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