John Cena And Seth Rollins Share Interesting Exchange On Twitter

John Cena and Seth Rollins recently had a mysterious exchange on Twitter that suggests they may have clashed before Raw this week.

In a perfect world, we would likely imagine all of our favorite WWE Superstars being the best of friends backstage. You would have to imagine that many of them have the same mindset to all end up in an industry as specific as pro wrestling. In reality though, what you have is a lot of big egos in a confined space traveling the world together.

That dynamic has led to plenty of famous rifts backstage in WWE, some of which are more famous and well documented than others. At the height of the Attitude Era there was likely a time when Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels would have gladly beaten each other to a pulp, and by the end of Enzo Amore's stint with WWE, it sounds like not many people backstage were exactly big fans of the former Cruiserweight Champion.


Two men you wouldn't expect to be foes behind the scenes are John Cena and Seth Rollins. A Twitter exchange between the two of them on Monday evening makes out that the pair of them are indeed friends, but also that they were involved in a confrontation earlier this week. Cena tweeted that The Architect "did what friends do, and confronted him about his shortcomings. Rollins replied with 'Year of the dog'.

All very mysterious and it is anyone's guess as to what the confrontation between the two of them could have been about. Cena has recently made the shift to a part-time performer in WWE and perhaps Rollins believed that he had let his performances slip since doing so. It could also be in reference to the pair's work out regimes. Rollins is an avid Crossfit enthusiast and maybe he simply gave Big Match John some work out tips.


It has been a while since Cena and Rollins clashed with one another inside the ring. Their rivalry may very well be renewed in a week and a half though. Both men will step inside the Elimination Chamber on Feb. 25, 2018, and depending on the order they enter could be forced to clash. If they do maybe the opportunity Rollins afforded Cena earlier this week will become clear.


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