John Cena Shuts Roman Reigns Down On Twitter

Roman Reigns has been one of the most talked about things in WWE lately, mostly because of the fact that he broke character at a recent live event to laugh at Kevin Owens while he was bantering with the crowd. The video of the match went viral and has seen a lot of mixed reviews from fans.

Many of the WWE Universe reacted negatively to the fact that the current United States Champion couldn't manage to remain in character, so Roman took to Twitter to explain why he was laughing at Kevin Owens.

He said: "I was laughing, at KO's merch check!!? I made more splitting with The Shield. Imagine what it is now! ? #AhYessir"

Roman tried to brush this off as his way of dealing with Owens' banter but it seems John Cena took offence to the talk of money and decided to add his own opinion on the matter as well.

He responded: "While @WWERomanReigns was making fun of what people earn I was at @GeorgiaTechFB to "

It seems that Cena is not a fan of wrestlers talking about money earned and decided to shut Roman down in a truly epic way. Maybe that talk really should stay in the locker room.

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