John Cena In Talks To Star In 'Duke Nukem' Movie

WWE superstar John Cena has to be one of the busiest wrestlers when it comes to his life on television and in movies— and his next gig could be a film adaptation of Duke Nukem.

According to Hollywood Reporter, Cena would be playing Duke Nukem himself, who is a superhero that has been saving the world from aliens in the video game and I'm sure will do the same in the movie.

Of course, Duke Nukem was a very popular video game that was first released in July of 1991 and released a new video game in 2016, called Duke Nukem: 20th Anniversary World Tour. Paramount ended up picking up the movie rights from Gearbox Software, who've owned the property in part since 2010, but fully acquired the license in 2015 following a lawsuit.


As of right now, a director hasn't been brought on and a writer hasn't been hired either to develop the script. So it's safe to say that the movie itself won't be out for possibly a few years. And if Cena does take on the main role, he likely won't be on set until 2019.

Via WWE.com

In the past, Cena worked on movies like Daddy's Home 2 and will be appearing in Bumblebee, a Transformers spinoff. Both movies are also produced by Paramount.

Cena just returned to the ring, after taking some time off in order to work on his television commitments, but it's a guarantee that he'll be taking plenty of breaks in the upcoming months in order to fulfill his other television and movie duties.

When it comes to the Duke Nukem movie, we have a hard time believing it's going to be a hit, but we could always be wrong. It just seems like video games that are turned into movies mostly never turn out well. Especially one like Duke Nukem that is definitely a product of the time it was developed.

The video game itself hasn't been relevant since in the 1990's. Paramount has to be hoping they'll be able to cash in on people who loved the game, which first came out almost 30 years ago.

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